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Conversion tracking across numerous URLs We manage Ad Grants campaigns for a state arts organization with over 300 member organizations (thea… Assigned partner didn't respond, please do reply back asap Assigned partner didn't match, please do reply back asap?
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Will Google prevent ads from showing if they violate the Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guidelines? Just for confirmation. None of my ads were shown (0 impressions), and I suspect the reasons were tha… Entire team did not receiveTop Marketer certificate. My team captain has received the certificate for Top Marketer but the rest two of us have not yet. T…
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OMC Top Marketer Certification I am the team captain of my team. We submitted our post-campaign report on 28 August 2019. we have n… Can I change the team captain for OMC? I am the team captain but I cannot devote as much time to the challenge as before. Our team needs to…
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Its been a month. I haven't yet recieved OMC certificate. My team submitted our post campaign report on 28/8/19 yet we have not yet received our acknowledgeme… How do we start using the grant funds for our campaign? Hi there, my group is ready to help our NGO launch their Search ads campaign and we've already uploa…
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Which exam do I need to give as a team captain For NGO allocation, the team has to give the Google Ads Fundamentals exam. I am currently struggling… No match, No reply My group has submitted all the required info and send a request for matching with a partner over a m…
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