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How well is the new online marketing challenge working? I'm considering adding this to my course syllabus in the fall, but it seems like the challenge isn't…
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Assigned partner hasn't responded. Request for a new non-profit partner. Hello, Our team reached out to our assigned partner on the 1st of July and followed up again on 8th …
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Team's ready to launch the campaign, but we're unsure how to access the Ad Grants money. Any ideas? We have access to the ONG's Ads account, we have already developed a strategy, and have the logo and… How can I gain edit level permission for remarketing? Hi, I'm trying to turn on remarketing and sync our display ads account to analytics, but the create … Our team created an Ads account but our NGO already has a different one. Which one should we use? As a team, we created an Ads account for the OMC and sent the activation code to the ONG, however th…
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My Non-Profit hasn't got any data for the last couple of years, leave 30-day section empty? Hi All, My Non-profit hasn't used Google ads for a couple of years so they don't have any recent dat… Requesting to change our matched non profit organization A non profit organization was assigned to me, it has been 5days since we matched but they haven't re…
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OMC Report / Results I was one of the non-profits who had a student team assigned to me. I met with them, but never recei… How can a non-profit opt-in to the Online Marketing Challenge? Hi everyone, When we first won our grant, I recall seeing (in numerous occasions) links suggesting t… location suspended due to quality issues I have received my verification code through the post after waiting over two weeks. once I verified …
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Waiting for AdGrants Online Marketing challenge certificate, Kindly respond ASAP! My Team members and myself(Team Leader for the OMC group) participated in Google Online Marketing Ch… การดูหนังและฟังเพลงเป็นรื่องสังคมต้องการไช่หรือไม ผมพยามทำให้คนที่เข้าดูหนังหรือฟังมีเสียงหัาเราะแล้วผมปรับเปลื่ยนกลยุทธ์ทางการตลาดและประชาสัมพันธ์ให้…
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Took months for activation, then after 3 days, deactivated again...help! I noticed after 2 days that my conversion rate was WAY too high...so I went in and cleaned it up...b…
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I can't get Google Adwords to recognize my Google Grants status. I have tried setting up Adwords Express 3 times. I followed these instructions to a T, but each time…
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Withdraw from OMC? Is it possible to withdraw from the OMC as a student? i've spent 30+ hours in the account and the ad…
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non-responsive nonprofit partner The partner we were matched to has not replied to our email requests and we've requested for help si…
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