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I'm unable to login and it says 403 thats an error I tried to login through my gmail many times and the response was same. When I'm logged for the firs…
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OMC Program Change Announcement Dear OMC Participants, As of March 15, 2021, the Online Marketing Challenge will now be called the N…
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Should student teams pause nonprofit partners' existing campaigning and create new one? My student teams paired nonprofit partners and add their account to student teams' Manager Accounts.… Any Additional Requirements to Receive OMC Funding? Hello! Our group just had a clarifying question. We recently submitted our Precampaign report on our…
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Nonprofit Marketing Immersion: how many times can a nonprofit participate? Hello, we are a Belgian nonprofit and we would like to know more about your Nonprofit Marketing Imme…
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Are student teams permitted to add instructors to their OMC ad manager account? Does anyone have recommendations for instructors to oversee OMC account activity? For example, can i…
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How can the team captain give other members access to the dashboard and Adwords account? Hi, my friend is the team captain and wants to give me access to the student dashboard and adwords a…
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Having trouble with connecting accounts and billing Hi, my non-profit doesn't have an analytics account with any data so I had to create one for them. I…
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Is it possible to draft multiple search campaigns at the same time? My group has two campaigns we are working on, and we made it a goal this week to get these campaigns… Our clients´ (patient support NGO) keywords are disapproved due to sensitive medical keywords Our client (patient support NGO) has the problem that many of it´s campaigns are disapproved because…
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non-responding ong URGENT Dear Google’s support team, We are five students from IESEG School of Management, who are cur…
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In the GOMC challenge, can we use Responsive search Ads instead of standard text Ads? I with my team are in the final week of the GOMC challenge and we've used responsive search Ads inst…
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Will the professor receive any certification upon successful completion of OMC by student team? We as a student team have successfully completed the Google omc challenge with allocated non profit … Hi, I'm doing the team Online marketing challenge and it won't let me post any of my certificates. Hi, Im doing the online marketing challenge and it won't let me post my certificate to get the nonpr…
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