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Do I need access to Google Analytics to use expert mode for Google Ads? I'm helping a nonprofit with Google Ads. They have another volunteer who has their analytics account…
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Phone call conversion still showing as Unverified I am going through setting up conversions, as the goal being important through GA is not enough. We …
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An ad isn't showing now across entire account Hello, I am a Google grant customer and I am having a problem with ads being displayed. I am bidding… Is my Google Grant account underperforming due to my regular Google Ads outbidding? I am running two accounts simultaneously; my Google Ads plus my Google Grants. My grants account is …
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What are effective ways to use paid search budget (complementing the Grant) to reach new donors? How do we use paid search budget more efficiently to reach new audiences (prospective donors) while …
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Incorrectly disapproved ads We've got 4 ads disapproved - reason: "Personal loans" But the ads have nothing to do with personal …
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How do I add site links? Hi community! I am new to AdGrants, and I was just looking through some of the videos on the AdGrant… Having issues with email verification for Google For Nonprofits and Google Ad Grants. Having issues with these two errors on Google Ad Grants for Google For Nonprofits: When trying to ac…
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