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Impressions (and cost) WAY under the maximum budget we have in Ad Grants Our ads are getting very very low numbers of impressions despite our large daily budget. The geo are…
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My Ad is not showing - Google Ad Grants, Google Expert My campaigns are using Google Ad Grants [Total budget of $10.000, we are maybe using $1.500]. In the… With the CTR restrictions, can I only buy brand keywords with my Google Grant account? I've been told that to comply with the new Google Grant policies, I only can buy keywords that relat… CPC increasing a lot ultimately Hi, Our NGO dedicated to sponsoring child is using adgrant. Since few weeks, we have seen a huge inc… Was wondering about CPA bidding strategy if we don't "sell" anything. We refer to our members progra Hi - I was wondering what the best bidding strategy is for a non-profit that helps promote arts and …
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Google suggested we add some Dynamic Search Ads to expand. Do you also add Smart Campaigns? Hi everyone, I have a few questions around Google's Automated campaigns. 1) For Dynamic Search Ads, …
Insights from the Global Head Of Google Ad Grants The Global Head Of Google Ad Grants recently sat down with AFP Global and THD digital marketing agen…
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Steady decline in Impressions for Grants Accounts Hello all, We manage several Grant accounts, and have sister agencies that do as well. Across the bo…
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how do I add social media to my account I am trying to figure out how to add my Instagram link to my google business account. Can someone pl…
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Spend decreased in grant account Hi all, Our google grants pro account has seen a decrease in spend since reporting issues on May 1 2…
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ايميلي اسجل دخول يطلب رمز تحقق ورقم جوال ملغى مع شخص اخر ابي ارجع حسابي استرجاع حسابي
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Campaign only received 10 impressions and 0 clicks. Also can't see KW QS. I recently reactivated my NP’s Ad Grant account because it was dormant since 2016 to run a campaign …
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How can I gain access to an already existing AdGrants-account? The NGO has a new recovery number. Hello I'm a student and I have to set-up an Adgrants Campaign. The organisation has lost their passw…
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How to Switch Account Campaign to Smart Campaign? How do I A) add a smart campaign to the account, or B) switch the current campaign to Smart Campaign… How do I request support for Ad Grants accounts? How do I request support for Ad Grants accounts? I've got a situation which appears to be extremely …
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