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Can Google Ad Grants Accounts use Product Listing Ads I want to know if a Google Ad Grants account can link to a merchant center and use product listing a… Giving Tuesday Hi, I manage a Google Grants account, and I'm applying for us to get the additional advertising budg…
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Enter billing information - help! Hello, I've just been accepted on to the Ad Grants Programme (Yay!) - but I'm still getting the ' To…
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Is the AdGrant threshold daily, weekly, or monthly? I am launching my campaign and want to make sure I'm not setting the company up for a huge charge. I…
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Google maps API for non-profits wants billing info- google ad grants said not to input - what now? Google maps for non-profits says I must enter billing info in order to activate the API key for our …
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May Dynamic Ads be used for a Google Grants account? Would like to use dynamic ads for Google Grants account but want to make sure it is allowed before l…
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Active account. Do i still need 2 ad texts per ad group? Hello dear community 1)I followed this rule all the time, but now i group keywords of 3 and make an … Hi, I am not able to accept the terms and conditions. Our organisation were admitted to the program. Hi, I am not able to accept the terms and conditions. I got an email that congratulate me to admitti…
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Why Am I Still Being Asked for Billing Information After Approval? My account made it through the Ad Grants approval process and was just activated this morning. I acc…
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We have an ad grants account but it's still asking us for billing info Ad grants is supposed to be free and after 4 months i got it all set-up but now it's asking me for b…
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Do you have a template for good/correct/approved NGO landing page? Hi there, I am declined a second time because of our landing (web) page not meeting the Ad Grants re… Help with website - reason for not being activated We used to have an approved AdGrants account for powellrivercurling.com - but it was deactivated fro…
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