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I'm trying to set up an Ad Grants Account and added a credit card before I read I wasn't supposed to Can i continue with the set up and pre-qualification if I have a credit card on the account? Not receiving the Compliance Report We are not receiving any compliance report via email. We do have notifications set up: I am opted in… Google Grants Pro program discontinued forever or still on the cards? Hi all, Just wondering if Google has made any announcement since the last one about the Google Grant… We got approved for the grant, but it kept asking for my billing and I put it in... what do i do? II put in our billing information after we got approved, thinking it needed it in case we were over,…
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Free Google Ads, limitations? I would like to know if there are any limitations on what the free Google Ads can be used on, specif…
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How do i get help inderstanding how to sucaessrully use my goohle one. I have been paying for it I'm not sure. I may have to really read it. I thought this was for gen. Storage.
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How do I resolve the frustration?! Google Ad Grants has been nothing but months of frustration! Just when I think I have things solved,…
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How do I resubmit when it says, "Activiation Incomplete"? I was told my ads could not be activated because, "You have an insufficient number of active campaig…
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Can an app be promoted within a Grant program (app extension or download campaign) Promotion of Apps within a Grant Program new Google Ads policy on account currency Google Ads have a new policy which requires an account to use the local currency. My account is loca… I cannot share the Google Ad Grants Account Review Dashboard. How do I fix the permissions? I wanted to add coworkers that will be working on our Google Ads to the dashboard to help monitor co…
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My google ads account is asking for payment info, but we got a grant for this. We got the Google ad grant for Non-profits, but it's been asking for payment info for a month now. I…
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Is there a way to run ads despite "speculative and experimental medical treatment" content on site? Our client is a national nonprofit supporting families of children with cancer. They have a lot of h…
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Active account. Do i still need 2 ad texts per ad group? Hello dear community 1)I followed this rule all the time, but now i group keywords of 3 and make an … Ad Grants Policy Questions Good afternoon, be part of Solumax Produção Jr, a nonprofit organization and Brazil Junior Enterpris… Why is my Ad Grants Customer ID was either incorrect or not included? Hello We submitted a request for adding an additional website domain to our Google Ad Grants account…
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Remove conversion created by Google Ads for use with Smart Campaign We have a conversion called "Calls from Smart Campaign Ads" for a Smart campaign that we are no long…
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