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the currency selected for the account is not usd. I'm unable to change, please help This account be activated for Google Ad Grants because: the currency selected for the account is not…
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Ours ads keep getting disapproved as 'destination not working' We've tried and tried at this one but nothing has worked. I've been setting up Google Grant ads for … Political ads need the account to be in a local currency, but Ad Grants have to be set up in dollars Our ads have been disapproved under the new 'political ads' policy (we are not an electioneering org…
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Account not approved because of web site My web page was rejected with any indication as to why. I have tried everything that you offer that … Advertise my company free of cost Advertise my company on Google for free of cost Are 501c(3) organizations for the promotion of research and awareness Google Non Profit Eligible? I'm part of a non profit 501(c)3 organization with the mission of promoting scientific research and … What's up with the new application process? I noticed Google quietly added a few more steps to the application process for ad grants: https://su… You submitted a website that cannot be approved in its current state? We are a 501(c)3 Public Non-Profit. Our website https://www.SoutheasternSearchAndRescue.org Website … Google Ad Grants rejected for "Circumventing systems" ? I have tried to sign up a New Zealand non-profit I help with for Google Ad grants. I am not the web …
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Can a social enterprise get the google add words donation as we are a project of a charity? We are a social enterprise that empowers young people through an in an apprenticeship in a coffee sh…
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Ad Grants werkt niet. Mijn account is geverifieerd als Grants account, maar blijft aangeven dat er een creditcard moet wor…
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Are Federally Qualified Health Centers eligible for Google Ad Grants? I heard there was a change. I was recently contacted by an advertising company who indicated that Federally Qualified Community …
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