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Link for Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment returns Error I am the Team Capitan and would like to take the Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment so that my team … OMC Report / Results I was one of the non-profits who had a student team assigned to me. I met with them, but never recei… Completed omc on 28-7-18, professor didn't receive the certificate. Where to see the results? We have mailed the omc team about this. But we haven't recieved any substantial replies. Also, we ha…
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Having issues registering as a professor Hello, I am trying to register as a Professor because I am teaching a Google Online Marketing Challe…
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Online Marketing Challenge - questions Hello, I work with a nonprofit that has participated in the Ad Grants program since 2007. Several mo…
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Waiting for AdGrants Online Marketing challenge certificate and results I submitted my post-campaign report to my student's dashboard of AdGrants online marketing challenge… How well is the new online marketing challenge working? I'm considering adding this to my course syllabus in the fall, but it seems like the challenge isn't…
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Assigned partner hasn't responded. Request for a new non-profit partner. Hello, Our team reached out to our assigned partner on the 1st of July and followed up again on 8th …
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Team's ready to launch the campaign, but we're unsure how to access the Ad Grants money. Any ideas? We have access to the ONG's Ads account, we have already developed a strategy, and have the logo and… How can I gain edit level permission for remarketing? Hi, I'm trying to turn on remarketing and sync our display ads account to analytics, but the create … Our team created an Ads account but our NGO already has a different one. Which one should we use? As a team, we created an Ads account for the OMC and sent the activation code to the ONG, however th…
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My Non-Profit hasn't got any data for the last couple of years, leave 30-day section empty? Hi All, My Non-profit hasn't used Google ads for a couple of years so they don't have any recent dat… Requesting to change our matched non profit organization A non profit organization was assigned to me, it has been 5days since we matched but they haven't re…
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How can a non-profit opt-in to the Online Marketing Challenge? Hi everyone, When we first won our grant, I recall seeing (in numerous occasions) links suggesting t… location suspended due to quality issues I have received my verification code through the post after waiting over two weeks. once I verified …
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