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how can i increase impressions ? We are not having any impressions for our keywords, eventhough i have followed all the instructions …
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How do I run a report that shows the campaigns that are only funded by the Google grant? I was tasked to manage a Google Ads account and need to run a report on the campaigns from a specifi…
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Mobile Speed Score Missing from Landing Page Info Hello, I am managing a Google grant account and have noticed that the Mobile Speed Score under the L…
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Anonymous survey about top deep dive topics Hi Grantees, As we are developing future training content, the team would like to understand of what…
can a grants accounts use audience targeting for search Just want to know if grants accounts can use in-market audience targeting in the search campaign How to make more effective adds - in Bulgarian the key words we're finding have very low search rate We try different key words. Can't find good words with high search results in Bulgarian.
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Adwords customer support team should be trained about Google Ad Grants I recently faced an issue https://support.google.com/grants/thread/14793876?hl=en. Even after talkin…
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Possible Reasons That Grant Account isn't hitting $10K Spend Per month? Hi Community, I've been running a Google Grants account for a client for about a year. There are thr… My account is just about maxing the spend. I'd like to push certain campaigns in the coming months. We have a scholarship contest that runs from September to January, and I'd like to ensure it gets as…
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Impressions (and cost) WAY under the maximum budget we have in Ad Grants Our ads are getting very very low numbers of impressions despite our large daily budget. The geo are…
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My Ad is not showing - Google Ad Grants, Google Expert My campaigns are using Google Ad Grants [Total budget of $10.000, we are maybe using $1.500]. In the… With the CTR restrictions, can I only buy brand keywords with my Google Grant account? I've been told that to comply with the new Google Grant policies, I only can buy keywords that relat… CPC increasing a lot ultimately Hi, Our NGO dedicated to sponsoring child is using adgrant. Since few weeks, we have seen a huge inc… Was wondering about CPA bidding strategy if we don't "sell" anything. We refer to our members progra Hi - I was wondering what the best bidding strategy is for a non-profit that helps promote arts and …
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Google suggested we add some Dynamic Search Ads to expand. Do you also add Smart Campaigns? Hi everyone, I have a few questions around Google's Automated campaigns. 1) For Dynamic Search Ads, …
Insights from the Global Head Of Google Ad Grants The Global Head Of Google Ad Grants recently sat down with AFP Global and THD digital marketing agen…
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