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Sent out email asking about team specific questions two weeks ago, still haven't heard back from OMC This is Ruoxi from Team Datadynamia. We sent out an email to OMC team two weeks ago asking about tea…
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How to know when keywords are overly generic? Our account was deactivated recently for having non-compliant keywords. The keyword was flagged for … I have submitted the Ad Grants pre-qualification survey, but my application says I did not. I am getting truly frustrated with the new application process. I have submitted the Ad Grants pre-q… Google Ad Grants Account Review Dashboard Hi, When I click on the link that our non-profit received by email to connect to the Dashboard, I se…
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How do I ensure that the product or service category reflects the mission of our nonprofit? Our registered non profit Emek Hashaveh Dialogue Center registration number 580628196 deals with Alt… Clarification: Do paid ads force out grant ads? Numerous places state that Ad Grants ads are placed below paid ads. What I haven't found explicitly … "Product or service category must reflect the mission of your nonprofit" - What does this mean? "Your product or service category must reflect the mission of your nonprofit organisation and be rel…
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Can anyone refer me to a Ad Grants Certified Professional in Israel who can help with compliance? Our Hebrew-language website עמק השווה הידברות בקהילה has been struggling for over a month to success…
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How do I make my Hebrew website compliant with Ad grant policies? I have been working (unsuccessfully) for over a month on Ad Grant certification. Google says that I …
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Are there arts and heritage organisations which have been successful in getting a grant? We are an arts and heritage organisation based in the UK. We have commercial activity which funds ou…
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How do we, the students, access the funds for our NGO? Hi there, my group is ready to help our NGO launch their Search ads campaign and we've already uploa…
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