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I am running the the account for the Norwegian blind association. This account has been deactivated due to single keyword issues. However – I would like to appeal on this issue as the single keywords should be exceptions for this account. Hopefully I am appealing with a human, and not a robot.

There are three single keywords that creates issues in this account:

First, the search term "Blindeforbundet" is a part of their brand name.
The second issue is that they're running campaigns for calendars for their Guide dogs.
The third issue is that the blind association can't run search word "visually impaired".

So if the blind association can't use their brand term, inform about visually impairement and inform about guide dogs, how can they take advantages of the Google AdGrants program?
The mission for the organization is to make people aware of the importance of guide dogs and therefor try to create member database for their guide dog calendar. And if someone get problems with their eyes, they would ask this organization for help.

On the Ad Grants single keyword policy exceptions page, one of the except in cases of owned brand terms.
The Norwegian short name for this organization is "blindeforbundet" and therefor it is clearly a part of the brand term.
The visually impaired is a medical conditions and Guide dogs’ basic keywords relating directly to supporting the charity. Those affected by visually impairment need a guide dog. So, if this is not part of the mission, what is the idea behind the Google AdGrants program?
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Hello Elvind E, 

Thank you for your post and I can assure you I am not a bot :) I would be happy to review those keywords and see if they are eligible for exemption. Can you please share with me your organization's URL so I can take a close look at your account. 

Ammar on behalf of the Ad Grants Team
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Thanks Ammar, 

I do really appreciate every help you can come up with on this AdGrants customer.

The URL for the webpage is: https://www.blindeforbundet.no/

I do hope Google translate does a better job this time, or you might propose changes for the translation:

Førerund = Guide Dog. 

In Google Translate - Førerhund is direct translated as Dog. So their biggest mission for the awareness of blind or Visually impairement is the Guide dog calendar.

As you see, the brand terms name "Blindeforbundet" is used on every term on the page. So I truly hope their own brand, guide dog and Visually impairement  is valid for exemption
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Hello Elvind,

I can see that your account was deactivated for using blindeforbund and blindeforbundet as single keywords. As you said, they are part of the brand's name and have made exceptions to those keywords. You can submit the account for reactivation using this link

As for the two other issues you mentioned earlier, could you please give me more information. As I do not think they affect your account deactivation.
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Thanks once more for all the service for Blindeforbundet. It seem to run smooth now. I do have three ads which are not approved in this account for the medical condition macular degeneration. The search words are ok, but the ads - are not approved due to medical drug ads. But macular degeneration is a medical condition and not medical drug.

I do run some several other campaigns for slag.no and forut.no, where forut.no need exception for their brand name "forut", and slag.no need exception for "hjerneslag" (Stroke on english) as medical term.

Kind regards
Eivind E.
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Ammar,  We are a non profit focusing on legal issues that specifically concern 3 or 4 companies (not out company).  In other words, we exist because of these companies. Two of those companies have single word names.  Are single word company names exceptions to the single keyword rule?
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Could you please give an example of a single word keyword you would use?
And tell us which url on your website would that ad point at?
Because this might be ok, or not.
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Our website is www.abolishprivateprisons.org.
We are working to challenge the constitutionality of private prisons in the Federal Courts and to educate the public about our challenge.  This private prison industry is very small and there are three companies that dominate.  They are the keywords I am inquiring about.
Geo Group
MTC  (Acronym for Management and Training Corporation)
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@Charles Brown 9465
You are targeting the brand names of other organizations. Sometimes that wouldn't be allowed, for example if they were competitors, but clearly that's not the case here. Provided the landing page is substantially about those companies, it should be ok. 
But if they have trademarked their names, you may get disapprovals for ads.
You only get a single word keyword exception for your own brand, not other organizations' brands.
Which makes sense. Consider the intention of the person searching for simply "CoreCivic"... are they likely to be looking for the information you're providing? Probably not, and if visitors consistently don't interact with your ads and landing page, your keyword is likely to get a low Quality Score and possibly be flagged as not compliant. You need to add other keywords. You are likely to find that [core civic] and +core +civic perform just as well.
MTC is even more problematic. That could be: Manufacturing Technology Centre, Missionary Training Centre, Malvern Tubular Components etc. Definitely don't use it without an additional word to give context.
MTC is also the name of a cryptocurrency so you would be very likely to see ads incorrectly flagged under that policy.
If you advertise on these or similar keywords, keep a regular eye on the search terms. If you notice a lot of irrelevant or low result search terms, add them as negative keywords so they don't trigger ads in the future and bring your stats down.
You shared the website's home page. But which page would for example keywords for CoreCivic point to? Is there a page on the site that is substantially about CoreCivic? because if you pointed those ads at the home page, you'd get poor results and probably very low keyword quality scores, leading to few impressions.
Last edited 11/20/19
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