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Can we share the backlink on our website to access to the distributor's product page? 0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 0 Upvotes
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Last edited 11/7/19
Please kindly answer questions below:
1. Our foundation has the distributor who sell our product to earn income for supporting our mission. Can we share the backlink on our website to access to the distributor's product page?
2. After being approved from Google, are there anything we have to send to Google to confirm that our foundation is still operated? and how often that we have to send?
3. Can every person use "Ad Grant"? or just only the certificated person?
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1. Are you talking about an affiliate relationship where people shop on a third party website and your nonprofit gets a percentage of those sales? If so, no you are not allowed to use an Ad Grant and also have affiliate links on your website. The one exception to the no affiliates rule is Amazon Smile. But maybe that's not what you're doing, so please provide more info. If it helps, share a website address where we can see how you do this.

2. Once you have the grant, it's ongoing, no need to renew or confirm anything. But make sure you stay in compliance.

3. The Ad Grant is given to one nonprofit, for one website (although you can request to use a second domain if that's relevant). You can add multiple users to your Google Ads account, with different permission levels. Not sure what you mean by a "certified person" because that could mean several things.
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Let me explain about our foundation in detail.

1. Our foundation gives the donation to assist the society, so we produce a kind of cake which sells through our distributors to bring more income supporting our mission.

2. Does the “affiliate link"" that you mentioned mean the link that is created for sharing benefits to the foundation website such as test.com/affiliate?id=c001 ? If yes, we surely don't use that.

3. We don’t get any benefit or percentage from the distributors, but the distributors may get some income from the sale.

4. Our website has the product page which has only normal link, we never use the distributor’s affiliate program in that page. Is this eligible?
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If it's not an affiliate arrangement, and the main focus of your website is not e-commerce, then it's *probably* ok. But I'm not sure... it depends!

What's the url of the product page?
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To clarify this,
We and our distributor haven’t created any product page yet, but we plan to do it like this site: https://www.fnp.com/cakes/kolkata. Our cake in that distributor's product page will have a description such as "If you buy this cake, some of the revenue will go to support the foundation's task."

The foundation website will have only a normal link leading to the distributor's product page which sell our cake. Is this eligible?

(By "normal link" we mean, it won’t be a specific URL generated for affiliate program, it will be just a product page link.)
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I can't view the link you sent me.
I think that would be ok, so long as it's not a major part of your website.
Just my opinion!
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If you are unable to open that link, please try this link which has a similar pattern: https://www.bakemeawish.com/

We really emphasize that our distributors get some benefit from the sale.
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