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Website declined for Ads grant: https://www.alexandermackielodge.ca Any help is appreciated! 0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 0 Upvotes
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Our website keeps getting declined for Ads grant with the following email:

You submitted a website that cannot be approved in its current state. The website should pertain to your organization, show a clear mission, contain substantial content of a non-commercial nature, be secured with HTTPS, and be of high quality. Until your website meets the standards found in the Ad Grants website policy, we are unable to qualify you for the Ad Grants program. If you update your website, you may sign in to your Google for Nonprofits account and re-submit for Ad Grants.

I have gone through the activation guides and troubleshooter but cannot see why this is happening.  

Any help is appreciated!
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It looks like a business for profit website. All the pricing, booking, etc. 
if you charge for something-you should specify how you use these money.
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It's not obvious it's a nonprofit. Put a clear statement in the footer of every page and include your registration number, plus there should be a more prominent statement on the home page.
You do start to say you're a charity on https://www.alexandermackielodge.ca/our-story-1 but for some reason the sentence is incomplete.
There are a few quality issues with the site, and it could do with a few design improvements (the intro paragraphs on the home page are ugly), but I don't think that's a likely reason for being declined.
I also run advertising for a senior housing nonprofit, and we have no problem getting ads approved because we're very clear about our status on the website.
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Thank you for the feedback!  I'll make some changes and resubmit.

Have a good day!
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Hi Shane,

Just wanted to add to some of the other comments of some things you can do to improve the likelihood your website will be accepted.

For starters, your design is a bit clunky which is unlikely to lead to a good user experience. I'd recommend switching to a responsive website framework (this basically means that your website adjusts to different screen sizes and can be tested by clicking and dragging the website window to make it more narrow). If you try on your site you'll see that text starts to overlap in this case. You can find a whole host of responsive themes online and picking the right one can save you a lot of time adding and editing content.

Some other tips:
  • Make your mission statement (purpose under About us > WSCSLCHS) extremely obvious, this is something you can put in the website header or footer but should definitely be on the homepage. I would also recommend renaming the page from WSCLSCHS  to  "our mission/our purpose/our story" to make it as obvious as possible for users and Google.
  • As mentioned place your organisation's name, address, phone, email and charity number (or equivalent) in the website footer
  • I would consider adding/changing your Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons to be more inline with a nonprofit (ie. volunteer / donate) as currently - like Bogdan mentioned - it looks very commercial. If you want to keep the more commercial focus (ie. Book a tour button) you could make the volunteer/ donate section more obvious by having a dedicated menu are (ie. Get Involved / Support us)
  • You need to build out the quantity of content on your site, the Resources page is currently empty
  • You don't provide any information on how donations are used - a bit more transparency about your finances wouldn't hurt. Generally it's always good to include case studies / stories about people that are benefiting from your nonprofit's services. This type of content will not only improve your legitimacy but increase the likelihood of conversions. 
  • When it comes to volunteering you could add a separate contact form for volunteers, similar to what you have set up for Book A Tour this will a) reduce admin time on your part and b) allow for better tracking to see how your website or ads are performing.
Hope that helps and best of luck!
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