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Certified Professionals Directory

bThe Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community aims to validate agencies with Ad Grants experience and nonprofit sector specialization.  Other professionals may not meet our guidelines for eligibility at this time but may provide the right support for your needs.

Digital Ninjas: Digital consultants for non-profits. We help non profits drive fundraising and advocacy results through effective digital campaigns.​

Whether you’re looking to drive fundraising results, increase awareness or lobby government or other groups to take action for your cause, Digital Ninjas will help you to execute and measure using digital. We help you to find new ways to build capacity, drive traffic and test digital activity in order to deliver new financial (monthly and one-off) and non-financial supporters. We’ll also help to improve your supporter retention programme. We’re experts in web analytics, email, Google Ads and Facebook advertising as well as landing page design and conversion rate optimisation. Our focus is on building long-term sustainable relationships with the people we work with by focusing on building quality relationships with your supporters. We work with UNICEF, The Smith Family, The Royal Flying Doctor Service and many other great causes.
To learn more about Digital Ninjas, please visit digitalninjas.com

Nonprofit Megaphone: Serving 600+ Clients. Nonprofit Megaphone is 100% focused on the Google Grant and proud to serve Rotary International, Girls Who Code, YWCA USA, and many more. See 50+ case studies on our website.

Nonprofit Megaphone’s sole focus is Google Ad Grant management. We are honored to serve 600+ clients, including Rotary International, UNCF, Girls Who Code and YWCA USA, as well as dozens of local and regional nonprofits. To learn more, visit our website to see dozens of case studies on the impact the Google Grant is making for organizations like yours. 
To learn more about Nonprofit Megaphone, please visit nonprofitmegaphone.com

Luminate Marketing: Luminate is a digital agency that specializes in Ad Grant management and training for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations around the globe. Located in Georgia.

Luminate Marketing is an award-winning agency that spreads the light of those already creating it in the world, through excellent marketing strategy, Ad Grant management, fundraising and graphic design. We believe nonprofits, churches, and other mission-focused organizations around the world should have access to the same quality marketing solutions as large budget businesses. We work with our clients to secure the Ad Grant and manage it for three months to ensure they are happy with results. One of our goals is to empower our clients to manage the Ad Grant on their own, so we also provide training for those who wish to manage it in-house.
To learn more about Luminate Marketing, please visit luminatemarketing.com

Kinsey Street Online Marketing: Founded in 2009 by Ad Grants expert Robert Coats, Kinsey Street has helped nonprofits in the US and around the Globe better achieve their mission goals through more effective Ad Grants management.

Kinsey Street was founded in 2009 by Robert Coats, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in online marketing. Highly regarded in the Ad Grants Community, Robert was granted a unique distinction as Top Contributor/Product Expert in the Google Ad Grants Help Forum for his “thoughtful and helpful contributions over the years” and has held that recognition since 2011. Serving nonprofits in the US, Canada and UK, Kinsey Street provides full-service Google Ad Grants management at discounted flat rate fees. Kinsey Street is proud to be recognized as a Google Premier Partner and a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Agency. 
To learn more about Kinsey Street, please visit kinseystreet.com

Cause Inspired: Cause Inspired partners with national & local NPOs providing strategies to build capacity. Trusted by GuideStar, VolunteerMatch & hundreds of nonprofits. Headquartered in Florida.

Cause Inspired is an organization of like-minded individuals who believe that nonprofits are the catalyst to a better world for all. In order to have a measurable impact, these organizations need to ensure that they are able to scale their missions, which requires significant resources. We envision a world where nonprofits are given the resources and patience to enact real and meaningful change.

Nonprofits should be rewarded for their ability to attract top talent to their organization and develop multi-year plans that can scale to solve large problems; they should be given the proper amount of capital and time to see these visions come to fruition. We know that the way we, as a society, need to change how we view and understand the value, mission, and impact of nonprofits.

Cause Inspired works with organizations across the globe to ensure that they have all the necessary resources afforded to the for-profit sector, at their disposal. We offer nonprofit centric services such as Google Ad Grants, social media advertising, website design/development, SEO/SEM, and custom AI consulting and implementation, just to name a few.

To learn more about Cause Inspired, please visit causeinspiredmedia.com

The Aber Group: The Aber Group is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and specializes in all forms of digital media including Ad Grant management, consulting and training.

When the agency started nearly a decade ago, we quickly realized that many charities, NGOs, foundations and not for profit organizations were struggling with declining results from direct mail, telemarketing and other conventional donor generation and activation tactics. We made a conscious effort to develop specialized expertise to help NFPs replace declining revenues and donor activation in the offline world, with successful, cost-effective and continuous digital fund-raising programs. We count nearly two dozen large, medium and small organizations as clients including international aid, environmental causes and the arts. Our services span all things digital including management & consulting of Google's Ad Grants program, paid search, web analytics and tracking setup, paid social media and digital media buying. Our non-profit clients enjoy a discounted rate on our services.
To learn more about The Aber Group, please visit abergroup.com

Platypus Digital: We are a friendly digital marketing agency dedicated to charities. We help recruit regular givers and fundraisers and deliver top-notch digital training.

We believe that digital is a powerful force to get important messages in front of people, when they need them the most. We manage Google Ad Grants, Grantspro and paid Ads accounts for charities. We can help you bring service users, campaigners and fundraisers to your website, and help make the most of this incredible resource. We audit how well your use of digital helps you meet your objectives. We believe in equipping charities with the tools to do great digital for themselves, through our practical, fun training. We’ve trained over 100 UK charities in digital skills like Google Analytics, Facebook advertising and integrated digital marketing.
To learn more about Platypus Digital, please visit platypusdigital.com

AdSoc: Since 2013 AdSoc supports nonprofit organizations in France by increasing their visibility on the Internet through the Ad Grants program and the paid version of Google Ads. We are located in Paris.

AdSoc was founded in 2013 by Laurent Friard who has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing. He worked for Google during 5 years where he became a specialist on Google Ads and Google Analytics. AdSoc supports nonprofit organizations to increase Internet qualified traffic, and has helped more than 50 organisations so far. Focus areas include Search Engine Marketing (within the Ad Grants program and the paid version of Google Ads), and the Display Network (YouTube, Gmail, Remarketing). AdSoc works mainly on a monthly management of the Ad Grants program, and uses the paid version of Google Ads during specific times of the year (events, year-end for tax-exempt donations). We also provide advice on how to improve the relevancy of a Landing Page, not only to increase user’s experience but also to positively impact visibility in Google’s Search Engine. AdSoc works with nonprofit organizations of all sizes (Sidaction, Emmaüs International, les Sapeurs-Pompiers de France, Ligue contre le Cancer, CARE France…) and on various topics (health issues, child sponsorship, human rights, microfinance, rescue at sea…).
To learn more about AdSoc, please visit adsoc.fr

Capacity Interactive: Capacity Interactive is a digital marketing consulting firm for culture and the arts. Capacity Interactive partners with organizations to help them market smarter. Located in NYC.​

Capacity Interactive partners with leading arts and cultural organizations to help them build audiences, engage community, and market smarter. Practice areas include search engine marketing (both within Grants and paid accounts), search engine optimization, digital advertising, web analytics, and email strategy. The firm has designed its digital strategies to deliver results that further clients’ missions.
To learn more about Capacity Interactive, please visit capacityinteractive.com

WebFX: WebFX is a leading PPC company that partners with NGOs from various industries to deliver real results through Google Ad Grants. Located in Pennsylvania.​

WebFX is a full-service Internet marketing agency offering innovative web marketing solutions to mid to large size NPOs across the globe. We specialize on results driving Internet Marketing, always working to optimize for increased ROI and decreased CPL for our clients. We strive as a company to hire the best people, maintain a positive healthy culture and in turn, provide excellent service to our clients.
To learn more about WebFX, please visit webfx.com

Community Boost: Community Boost is a digital marketing agency that specializes in accelerating online revenue and impact for hundreds of nonprofits. Community Boost offers free Google Ad Grant account audits and strategy calls for all Ad Grantees. 

Trusted by the Statue of Liberty, The Trevor Project, Pencils of Promise and hundreds of great causes from around the world, Community Boost has been committed to helping nonprofits drive more online revenue and impact since 2012. Thought-leaders in Google Ad Grants and nonprofit marketing, the Community Boost team consistently appears on major stages in partnership with Google leadership. Community Boost offers free Google Ad Grant audits and strategy calls for all Ad Grantees. Reach out to Community Boost today!
To learn more about Community Boost, please visit communityboost.org

Media Cause: Media Cause is a digital marketing and fundraising agency that moves missions forward and works to create sustainable impact through effective digital communication strategies.

Media Cause is a full-service digital agency for a greater good. We accelerate the growth and impact of people and organizations doing good in the world by leveraging five forces for change—Branding, Marketing, Advocacy, Fundraising, and Technology— to create meaningful connections that inspire powerful action. Since 2011, we’ve worked with over 350 nonprofit organizations, cause-driven startups, foundations, educators, philanthropists, and social enterprises to grow and create positive impact in the communities they serve. We work with organizations to leverage their Google Ad Grant to build engaged communities of supporters for long-lasting relationships.
To learn more about Media Cause please visit mediacause.org

Jason King: Jason King is the author of a Google Ad Grants course, and provides one-to-one training sessions for nonprofits, and audits of their Google Ads and Ad Grant accounts.

Trained as a librarian, Jason has worked in the non-profit sector for over 25 years and helped many hundreds of charities do better online advertising. His focus is on understanding your nonprofit's goals; teaching you to use Google Ads and Analytics to get real life, measurable results; and giving you the skills to make your marketing more effective. Jason is also a Google Partner, and a Diamond Product Expert on the Google Ads forum. Sign up the Ad Grants course, or for a one-to-one training session.
To learn more about Jason King, please visit kingjason.co.uk

ConnectAd: ConnectAd is a digital marketing agency that exclusively helps nonprofits grow their impact. Managing Ad Grants since 2010. Based out of a world-leading hub for social innovation in Toronto.​

ConnectAd is a digital marketing agency that has served over 250 nonprofits in Canada and the US since its inception in 2010. We adopt a strategic and holistic approach to Google Ad Grant management using data-driven decisions and well-crafted landing pages. We’re strong supporters of social change - it’s why we’re located in one of the largest social innovation hubs in the world. Combining the know-how of an established agency and the personal touch of a small team, we’ve cultivated an environment for amazing work to take place.
To learn more about ConnectAd, please visit connectad.ca

Jason Williams: Jason Williams provides Google Ad Grants management and training to small and medium sized charities based in the UK.

Jason Williams is an Ad Grants consultant and trainer, offering three Google Ad Grants services: 1. Support package for helping nonprofits get started with Google Ad Grants; or, if you already have an Ad Grant, performance support to get the account back on track. 2. Management support for nonprofits that wish to outsource the monthly management of their Google Ad Grant. 3. Training for nonprofits that need to develop their skills or knowledge of Google Ads. Serving nonprofits in the UK, Jason has been working within the charity sector since 2010 and became a freelance Google Ad Grants manager in 2016 to work with small charities that need help.
To learn more about Jason Williams, please visit jasonwilliams.work

Gott Advertising: Gott Advertising plans, researches, writes, buys and optimizes Search and Social Advertising campaigns for nonprofits and progressive organizations.​

Since 2007, Gott Advertising has helped nonprofits waste less money on digital advertising. Whether goals include awareness, advocacy, lesson plans, trauma prevention, or membership drives, we work to find the best online advertising solutions for each campaign. Gott Advertising headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. Other digital specialists on the team are located throughout the continent. We focus specifically on the strategy and implementation of media buying online for clients who focus on issues related to Education, the Environment, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, International Development & more.
To learn more about Gott Advertising, please visit gottadvertising.com

MEO: MEO is a marketing agency with deep skill sets in online and offline marketing, serving nonprofit organizations.​ Located in Holland.

MEO is a leading marketing agency in the Netherlands with over 60 nonprofit organizations. In just two years MEO reached over 30+ NGOs, in helping secure and optimize Ad Grants. We offer full account builds and management, in-house training, short account audits, conversion tracking setup and much more. We're a Social Enterprise: Our goal is a labor market in which an occupational disability does not have to make a difference, but where there is room to deal with each other's limitations.
To learn more about MEO, please visit wijzijnmeo.nl/

Discovery Ad: Discovery Ad is a digital marketing agency. Since Ad Grants became available in Asia in 2015, we have supported numerous nonprofits on application and management. Located in Hong Kong.

Discovery Ad is a full service digital marketing agency located in Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide fast and cost effective online marketing solutions for small, medium-sized businesses & nonprofits. We maximize the impact of Google Ad Grants and offer a full range of digital marketing such as paid search, display ads, video ads, Facebook and IG ads, etc. We provide services in both Chinese and English. Since 2015, we have served nonprofits of all sizes and on various causes in Asia, primarily in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau. Contact us today to create a strategy for your organization using Google Ad Grants.
To learn more about Discovery Ad, please visit discoveryad.hk

NPG: NPG helps nonprofits around the world maximize results from Google Ad Grants. Headquartered in Pennsylvania.

NPG supports nonprofits getting started with Google Ad Grants, managing & maximizing results, and/or training staff on Google Ads. NPG's founder has spent the last 17 years managing accounts in Google Ads.
To learn more about NPG, please visit npg-vermont.blogspot.com/

Project World Impact: Project World Impact provides a suite of fundraising tools and resources to thousands of nonprofits, including free Google Ad Grants services.​ Located in Illinois.

Project World Impact is an online hub for individuals and nonprofits looking for innovative ways to make a difference in their communities. PWI helps thousands of nonprofits connect to over 5 million unique users every year who are looking to engage in nonprofits across the USA. PWI helps nonprofits acquire the Google Ad Grant and provides completely free Ad Grants management for any nonprofits on projectworldimpact.com. PWI is completely free for nonprofits to join. PWI also provides additional tools that help nonprofits raise significantly more funds every year.
To learn more about Project World Impact, please visit projectworldimpact.com

RankMonsters: RankMonsters helps nonprofits apply for the Google Ad Grant. Our application process is free of charge with no obligation to use our management services.​​ Located in Oklahoma.

RankMonsters works with nonprofits in the United States and Canada, and we offer Ad Grant management packages to fit your organization’s goals and needs. We help organizations through the Google for Nonprofits Membership and Ad Grant application process as a free service. RankMonsters works with organizations of all sizes, from small one-person nonprofits to large museums, libraries and Christian organizations. Our team is committed to results. We will work with your team to identify important conversions, build out your campaign to maximize the Grant, create landing pages and more. RankMonsters is a full-service Internet Marketing Company providing Search Engine Marketing, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization and more.
To learn more about Rank Monsters, please visit rankmonsters.org

Reef Digital Agency: Reef Digital Agency maintains a 100% retention rate with NFP clients, improving Google Ad Grants performance with some of Australia’s most recognised brands. Located in Sydney.

Reef Digital Agency is a Sydney-based advertising and marketing agency specialising in performance-driven digital strategy and implementation. Our team is passionate about two things: helping organisations succeed online using some of the world’s most powerful digital channels, and helping charitable causes. These two traits combined allowed us to develop a unique expertise in the management of Google Ad Grant accounts. Reef Digital Agency continues to do for a growing portfolio of Australia’s most recognised charity and not-for-profits (NFP) brands, including ChildFund, Vinnies, Opera Australia, Variety - The Children’s Charity, National Disability Services, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, and Guide Dogs NSW.
To learn more about Reef Digital Agency, please visit reefdigital.com.au/

AboveX Digital: AboveX Digital helps nonprofits take full advantage of Google Ads - including Ad Grants, paid accounts & analytics. Fair success fee pricing model. Free account compliance audits.

AboveX Digital was founded by Peter Sima in 2014. Peter is Google Ads certified professional with 9 years of experience in search engine marketing, web analytics and conversion funnel optimization. He is also a Google Partner Certified Trainer. He still manages most of the accounts himself. Other team members are also senior marketers. At AboveX we specialize in helping organizations use the Ad Grant to full extent while staying compliant with all program policies. We have developed our own account audit tool to assess compliance with program policies. Besides Ad Grants we also manage retargeting campaigns, display & video campaigns in paid Google Ads accounts. Many of them are multi-lingual. We work with dozens of US and EU based organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Industries, WaterAid or IOCC. We work on a success fee basis and never charge any setup fee.
To learn more about AboveX Digital, please visit nonprofitppcmarketing.com

RKD Group: RKD Group is a leading fundraising and marketing agency with deep skill sets in direct response marketing, exclusively nonprofit organizations.

RKD Group is a leading fundraising and marketing services provider to more than 260 nonprofit organizations, including hospitals, social service, health, disease research, animal welfare, and faith-based charities. RKD Group’s multichannel approach leverages technology, advanced data science, and award-winning strategic and creative leadership to accelerate net revenue growth, build long-term donor relationships, and drive online and offline engagements and donations. With a growing team of 200+ professionals, RKD Group creates breakthroughs never thought possible.
To learn more about RKD Group, please visit rkdgroup.com

Torchbox: Torchbox is a digital agency for the nonprofit, higher education and health sectors. We provide Google Ad Grants setup, management, audits and training for some of the biggest nonprofits in the world. Located in the UK.

Torchbox provide digital marketing support to global organisations including Samaritans, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Chatham House, the King's Fund, Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), Girlguiding, UNAIDS, Oxford University Press and many, many more. Google Ad Grants management is at the heart of what we do. Whether you're starting out and need support enrolling in the Google for Nonprofits programme, or you've got a mature Google Ad Grants account that you'd like us to audit, Torchbox have the sector-wide experience to ensure your account is providing as much value to your nonprofit as it can. It's a vital tool in any nonprofit's digital marketing toolkit, and Torchbox will help you ensure it stays that way. We offer full account builds and management, in-house training, short account audits, conversion tracking setup and much more.
To learn more about Torchbox, please visit torchbox.com

Uprise Up: Uprise Up is a charity-focused digital media agency, specialising in Google Ad Grants. Located in the UK, near London.

Uprise Up manage exceptional digital media campaigns through pursuit of continuous improvement. With over 10 years’ experience, we help charities extract maximum value from the Google Ad Grant. Measurable success and laser-focused strategy is at the heart of our Google Ad Grant management. We offer Google Ad Grant account set up and ongoing management, as well as training and consultancy. In addition to Google Ad Grants, we help charities maximise potential from other digital media channels, including paid search, SEO, digital PR, paid social, display and programmatic. Uprise Up has helped a range of charities across many types of campaigns, including supporter acquisition, legacy giving, awareness, emergency aid and fundraising.
To learn more about upriseUp, please visit upriseup.co.uk/

Whole Whale: Whole Whale is a digital agency that leverages data and tech to increase the impact of nonprofits and for-benefit companies. Headquartered in Brooklyn.

We build data culture and digital capacity within social impact organizations through consulting services, resources, and products. We take a holistic approach and tailor our services to the unique needs of each client — whether that’s data analysis, digital advertising, content marketing, web development, or training, we help organizations reach their goals and build capacity within their teams. In addition to our Google Ad Grant management and consulting services, we also provide free resources and trainings for social impact organizations looking to apply for, maximize, and optimize the Google Ad Grant.
To learn more about Whole Whale please visit wholewhale.com

INTK: INTK is a marketing agency specialized in the cultural sector. Working in AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IT, LU, NL, NO, PL, SE, SI, UK.

Our mission is to change how people relate to culture. We encourage people to do one cultural activity a week. We work with several museums, theaters, film houses, castles, libraries, festivals, etc. Some of the cultural organizations we work with include, Prado Museum, NEMO Science Museum, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Film Theater Hilversum, Loevestein Castle, Utrecht Library, Le Guess Who festival, etc. We are specialized in creating online strategies based on the mission of cultural organizations. Once SMART goals are clearly defined we setup Google Analytics and launch online campaigns using Google and Facebook ads. Most of our clients experience an increase in online conversions. For example, Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam registered an increase in 20% of ticket sales mainly using the Google Ads Grant.
To learn more about INTK please visit intk.com

Sanky Communications: We're a tight-knit group of 50+ specializing in direct mail, online and integrated fundraising campaigns.

Determined to help nonprofit organizations improve the world, a woman named Sanky Perlowin opened up a direct mail fundraising shop in 1977 and called it Sanky Communications. Nearly four decades later, the original Sanky is no longer with us, but her passion for helping good causes grow – and her name – never left. Today, we're a tight-knit group of 50+ specializing in direct mail, online and integrated fundraising campaigns.
To learn more about Sanky Communications please visit sankyinc.com 

Mogo Interactive: Mogo Interactive specializes in helping nonprofits with their Google Grants, Paid Search, Display and Paid Social. See our case studies.

Mogo Interactive specializes in helping nonprofits with their Google Grants, Paid Search, Display and Paid Social. We are an advanced digital advertising company specializing in arts, financial services, higher education, e-commerce, public media and sports. See our case studies.
To learn more about Mogo Interactive, please visit mogointeractive.com 

Search Seven: Based in the UK, we help charities, large and small, achieve exposure with great campaigns run through Google Grants.

Search Seven are a digital marketing agency in Brighton, UK, with making a difference a key driving force behind what we do. That's why we donate up to 7% of our profits to charities and local community projects.
To learn more about Search Seven, please visit searchseven.co.uk 

La raiponse : Ad Grants, SEA and SEO specialists for changemakers, sharing their causes of sustainability, resilience and social justice.

The NGO of la raiponse works with organizations sharing at least one of the 3 causes of sustainability, resilience and social justice. Specialists in Ad Grants, SEA and SEO, we help changemaking actors to improve their online visibility in order to accelerate the emergence of their positive initiatives.
To learn more about la raiponse, please visit la-raiponse.org 

The Access Group: The Access Group provides digital fundraising solutions used by thousands of charities in the UK.

Our Access Charity Ad Grants solution is a fully managed digital advertising service, designed to make every penny of your Google Ad Grant count. For a low monthly cost, our Google Premier Partner Professionals will apply for the grant on your behalf, create and manage your advertising campaigns and monitor ongoing performance, building awareness and increasing donations for your organisation.

We can also take over the management if you already have the grant in place. This unique service requires zero resource from your internal team and provides you with a virtual, extra team member, 100% focused on optimising your paid advertising.

To find out more about our Access Charity Ad Grants solution please visit www.theaccessgroup.com 

MCM Net: MCM Net are a UK-based digital marketing agency specialising in the charity sector. We have been helping charities, non-profits and local businesses since 1997.

We are an agency with over 21 years of experience in digital marketing. Due to our position in the market and the numerous charity clients we have worked with over the years, we have become specialists in the UK charity sector. A key part of our service offering to charities is the set-up and management of Google Ad Grants accounts. As part of our recent partnering with England and Wales membership body ACEVO (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations), we have been able to bring our industry expertise to an even wider audience of non-profit organisations. We have also helped numerous charities with deactivated accounts to get their Ad Grants accounts reactivated by adherence to Google policy.
To learn more about MCM Net, please visit mcmnet.co.uk 

Koios:  Koios specializes in Ad Grants for libraries, public-private partnerships, and community organizations. Located in DC and NYC. First month free.

Maximizing the Ad Grant can be difficult for nonprofits with a specific geographic range. Koios specializes in these local and regional Ad Grants, including quasi-governmental organizations. In addition to Ad Grants management, our service includes website analytics, a custom data dashboard, and insights on local search trends. We'll help you apply for the grant and run your account for the first month free. If you fit any of these descriptions, contact Koios for more information:
- libraries, friends of the library, library foundations and consortia
- development corporations and incubators (EDCs, CDCs, etc.)
- downtown/main street organizations (BIDs, DDAs, etc.)
- community foundations
- affordable, low-income, or senior housing non-profits
- other government-funded or public-private organizations
To learn more about Koios, please visit koios.co

Charicomm:  Charicomm is a holistic communication and marketing agency based in Hamburg, Germany. We empower sustainable businesses and nonprofits to create a greater impact in the world.

At Charicomm our team of professionals has more than ten years of experience in Google Ads and Google Ad Grants. We are a holistic marketing and communication agency with a bold mission: generating authentic impact for a better world. We empower sustainable businesses and nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to the progress of humanity and the preservation of our planet. We are driven by passion and believe that each of us is capable of much more than we had ever imagined. Together, we can create the impact we want. Charicomm is based in Hamburg, Germany and works with clients located in Europe and North America.
To learn more about Charicomm, please visit charicomm.org 

Beaconfire RED:  Beaconfire RED works exclusively with nonprofits, associations and social enterprises. We deliver fundraising and digital advocacy expertise alongside full service enterprise web development.

Beaconfire RED works exclusively with nonprofits, associations and social enterprises to transform and grow their brands to have greater impact. Our vision is that every nonprofit, association and social enterprise will be empowered by digital strategies and technologies to make real and positive change in the world.
To learn more about Beaconfire RED, please visit beaconfire-red.com 

Bureau Lommer:  Bureau Lommer is a Dutch online marketing agency that works exclusively for cultural and non-profit organizations. We specialize in Google Ad Grants and are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Bureau Lommer works for theaters, concert halls, cinemas, festivals, museums, orchestras, music- and/ or theatre groups. Our team helps non-profit organizations to get the maximum results from Google Ad Grants. But that is not all: we like to think along with you when it comes to achieving your online marketing goals. In addition to our expertise on Google Ad Grants, we can help you with all kinds of other online marketing campaigns, such as paid search campaigns, display banner campaigns, video ads in YouTube, or sponsored posts or ads on Social Media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. By using Analytics and providing clear reports we show our customers our added value. Bureau Lommer distinguishes itself from other agencies by our know-how of the cultural industry, short lines of communication and a favorable rate. In addition we can also mean a lot for organizations with small budgets.
To learn more about Bureau Lommer, please visit bureaulommer.nl 

Farrer Digital:  An experienced ecommerce digital agency located in London, Farrer Digital operates a Charity Support Scheme offering the support of our qualified account managers at a charitable monthly rate.

To learn more about Farrer Digital, please visit farrerdigital.com

Blue Tusk Digital: Since 2013, we've helped charities of all sizes, including Americares, Nonprofit Insurance Alliance, GreatSchools.org, and more. Our services include full Google Ad Grants management and maintenance plans starting at $250 per month, as well as overseeing other advertising channels like LinkedIn, Meta, and TikTok.

To learn more about Blue Tusk Digital, please visit https://www.bluetuskdigital.com

Search Star:  SearchStar is a leading UK independent digital media buying agency with deep analytics and conversion expertise. Specialising in Google Ad Grant management, we work closely with a number of local and national non-profits. Located in Bath, UK.

SearchStar is a leading UK independent digital media buying agency with deep analytics and conversion expertise. Tried, tested and trusted, we achieve outstanding results by spending time getting to know your business and its goals. We work closely with a number of local and national non-profits including National Aids Trust, Bristol Zoo, Wetland & Wildfowl Trust, Energy Saving Trust and MS Trust to maximise the return they see from their Ad Grant. But beyond Ad Grants, we specialise in all aspects of digital media buying, analytics and conversion. As one of only 2 UK agencies to be a Bing Elite Agency, Google Premier Partner, as well as Google Analytics and Data Studio certified, we’re experienced across paid search, display, social media and everything our clients need to analyse and understand their campaigns.
To learn more about Search Star, please visit search-star.co.uk

THD:  THD creates high-impact digital and direct mail campaigns for nonprofits. We develop multi-channel donor experiences that engage, motivate, and maximize fundraising revenue.

The keys to unlocking long term donor value are engagement and donor experience. Since our founding in 1989, THD has focused on using data to develop strategies that motivate donors and increase fundraising revenue. We have maintained a singular focus on the nonprofit community - generating support for philanthropies is our passion. THD is a full-service agency offering multi-channel strategic planning and program management; analytics and modeling; creative services; high touch mid-level and major donor cultivation; planned giving; and production management.
To learn more about THD, please visit thdinc.com

M+R:  M+R is 140 smart people who mobilize supporters, raise money, and move the media, the public, and decision-makers to help nonprofits achieve real, lasting change. We only work with clients we believe in. We take risks. We work hard. We don’t stop until we win.

We are M+R. We are communicators, marketers, fundraisers, and campaigners who help causes who inspire people to act. We work exclusively with nonprofits who are alleviating suffering, fighting for human rights and democracy, dismantling inequality, making art and knowledge accessible to everyone, and fostering a healthier and sustainable world. Our services include: Digital Fundraising + Advocacy, Digital Organizing, Media Relations, Advertising, Social Media
To learn more about M+R, please visit mrss.com

TrueSense Marketing:  TrueSense Marketing is a full-service, strategic, direct-response fundraising agency. We use astute analytics, strategies, and creative to engage donors with our nonprofit partners.

At TrueSense Marketing we believe that heroic hearts can change the world. We find the heroic donors whose hearts are touched by your mission so you can change the world. We apply our multichannel strategy for our clients in Children’s Hospitals, Rescue Missions, Veterans Services, Food Banks, Ronald McDonald Houses, Meals On Wheels Organizations, Medical Charities, and more. By listening to your donors we can be the right partner to help your charity grow.
To learn more about TrueSense, please visit truesense.com

uluad:  Located in California, uluad successfully manages Google Ad Grant accounts for nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. Our approach is honest, transparent and friendly.

At uluad we understand the nonprofit digital marketing sector because the majority of our clients are nonprofits. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts have years of experience diligently managing Google Ad campaigns. From the grant approval process to CTR requirements, grant policies, disapproved ads, required annual surveys, deactivated and suspended accounts we do it all! We take pride in our proven track record of achieving the marketing objectives and goals for our clients. We offer a full suite of management services including search, remarketing, and YouTube advertising.
To learn more about uluad, please visit uluad.com

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