Certified Professionals Community FAQ


Q: What are the requirements to be considered for the Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community?

  • Ad Grants Specialization & Experience
  • Good Management/Stewardship
  • Google Ad Grants Knowledge Assessment

For more information on these requirements, please visit our Help Center overview.
Q: How do I get certified?
You must apply to be considered for the Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community. We will evaluate submissions based on a variety of factors to maintain a high standard for the community. Google reserves the right to grant or deny an organization's application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend these eligibility guidelines at any time.  
Q. How do I know if I am eligible?
Eligibility will be assessed through the application process based on the requirements outlined, which include your specialization and experience with Ad Grants, the health and quality of your accounts and demonstrated knowledge of Ad Grants fundamentals
Q: Can I apply more than once?
Yes! Although we will only accept application submissions during the first two weeks of each quarter during our open application window.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of certified professionals in the community? 
We have no defined limit at this time but will certify applicants as eligible.  
Q: What are the benefits to certification for agencies, consultants and trainers?
Approved certified professionals will join a community that has exclusive access to ongoing education and interactions with the Ad Grants team, while serving as a guide to future program strategy.

  • Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals designation
    • Inclusion on Ad Grants' public directory of certified agencies, consultants, and trainers
    • Designation as a trusted professional to feature on your website and materials
  • Connect with the Google Ad Grants team. Exclusive access to a variety of channels including:
    • Private online community forum
    • Live office hours
    • Opportunities to partner at events
    • Early access to test new features and offer feedback on beta programs
    • Features in spotlights, case studies, or newsletters
  • Education Hub
    • Exclusive access to a robust repository of approved Google Ad Grants marketing materials and content for use in your Ad Grants trainings and client engagements.

Q: What are the benefits for Grantees?
The Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community is designed to support Grantees by connecting them with qualified professionals who can help them get the most out of their ad grant.
Q: Why are you offering this opportunity to Agencies and not Grantees?
This community is part of our larger effort to grow support and education opportunities for the Google Ad Grants program. We are offering many resources, like livestreams, to teach all nonprofits how best to optimize their Ad Grants budget, launching community forums globally in various languages and hosting volunteer-led workshops in regional offices globally. 
Q: Are certified professionals subject to the same policies and guidelines?
Q: Why was my agency rejected?
Applications may be rejected based on failure to demonstrate one or more of our certification requirements, which include:

  • Ad Grants Specialization & Experience
  • Good Management/Stewardship
  • Google Ad Grants Knowledge Assessment

Q: My agency partner is not certified, should I be concerned?
The Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community aims to validate agencies with Ad Grants experience and nonprofit sector specialization. Other professionals may not meet our guidelines for eligibility at this time but may provide the right support for your needs.

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