AdWords Express account creation guide for Google Ad Grants

To enroll in Google Ad Grants, your AdWords Express account must meet the following criteria:

  • Your account uses the US dollar (USD) as the currency, regardless of your location. Ignore all alerts to add other billing information.
  • Your account contains 1 active ad related to your mission.
  • Your account assigns 1 relevant product or service category to each ad.
  • Your ad uses relevant geo-targeting.
  • Your ad links to a relevant landing page.
  • Your landing page is on a high-quality website (see the website requirements).


Complete the following steps exactly as written to properly set up your account. Otherwise, you may need to start over and create a new account.

Step 1 of 11: Create your AdWords Express account


When you create your Ad Grants AdWords Express account, you'll need to use the same user name for your Google for Nonprofits account. For example, if you signed up for Google for Nonprofits using, you must use the same user name for your Ad Grants AdWords Express account.

  1. Click the Get started button below.

    Get started
  2. Either enter the username and password for an existing Google Account or create a new account.

Step 2 of 11: Describe your organization

On the "Describe your business" page, you'll enter information about your nonprofit organization.

  1. Under "Business name," enter your organization’s name.


    • Select the Customized help and performance suggestions and Special offers checkboxes to receive email notifications from the Ad Grants team.
    • The Ad Grants team communicates with those enrolled in the program through email and in-product notifications.
  2. Under "Business website," enter the URL of your organization's website.
  3. Click Save.

Do not enter credit card details or any other billing information when creating your Google Ads account for Google Ad Grants. If you enter credit card information and your campaigns run, you will be responsible for paying any charges accrued.

Step 3 of 11: Pick a goal for your ad

  1. On the "Pick a goal for your ad" page, select Take an action on your website as your goal.
  2. Click Pick goal.

Step 4 of 11: Select where to show your ad

  1. On the "Where are your customers?" page, click either Near my business or In specific cities, states, or countries.
  2. Select the appropriate locations where your organization serves or markets to your audience.
  3. Select the product or service to advertise.
  4. Click Next.

Step 5 of 11: Define your product or service

  1. On the "Define your product or service" page, select the language you want to advertise in.
  2. Under "What product or service do you want to promote in this ad?," select the product or service most relevant to your organization.
  3. Under "Show your ad to people looking for," select at least 1 checkbox that further describes your organization.
  4. Click Next.

Step 6 of 11: Create your ad

  1. On the "Create your ad" page, follow the step-by-step instructions in AdWords Express to create your ad.
  2. Make sure your ad reflects your organization's mission and links to a relevant webpage.
  3. Click Next.

Step 7 of 11: Set your budget

  1. On the "Set your budget" page, enter 329 USD or less.


    You'll have 329 USD per day to use across all of your campaigns. If you create more than 1 ad, the total of all of your ads’ budgets must not exceed 329 USD per day.

  2. Click Next.

Step 8 of 11: Review your ad settings

  1. On the "Review your ad settings" page, review your ad and make edits if needed.
  2. Click Next.

Step 9 of 11: Confirm payment information

  1. On the "Confirm payment info" page, make sure there's a message saying this is an Ad Grants account and you don't need to set up billing.


    • If you don’t see this message, you'll need to create a new account using the “Get started” button in step 1 of this guide. You'll then need to use a new user name and password.
    • Also, you’ll have to add the new user name as an administrative user to your Google For Nonprofits account.
  2. Select your time zone.
  3. Click Next.

Step 10 of 11: Complete setup

  • On the last page of setup, click Continue to dashboard.

Now that you've created your account, the next step is to submit it to the Google Ad Grants team for review, using the application submission process for your country.

You'll need your customer ID to submit your application for review. See these instructions for finding your AdWords account customer ID.

Step 11 of 11: Submit your account for review

  1. Sign into Google for Nonprofits.
  2. Submit your account for review under the Ad Grants enrollment page for Google for Nonprofits.

Next steps

Your account will be reviewed to make sure it complies with Google advertising policies. Once your ad starts running, you'll be notified by email. If your account contains errors, you'll receive an email asking you to make edits to your account as needed before activation.

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