Account Creation Guide

Ad Grants Account Creation Guide

Here's how you can get started with Google Ad Grants in-kind advertising in three basic steps:

  1. Create an AdWords account.
  2. Create your first ad campaign.
  3. Submit your account to the Google Ad Grants team for review and activation.

Before we get started, please keep these important things in mind when creating your account:
  • Do not enter billing information (e.g. credit card or payment method), even though you'll be asked to in your account.
  • You must choose U.S. dollars as your currency regardless of the country you're in.
  • Do not enable these features: Display Network, Display bids, managed placements, managed placement bids, and automatic bidding.
Please read this guide carefully! If you don't follow all of the instructions outlined in these guidelines, you may be required to create an entirely new account.

Please note, you cannot convert a regular AdWords account you already have to a Google Ad Grants account, as it contains payment information. You must create a new account per the instructions in this guide.

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