What to do with an existing AdWords account

If you're in a country where only AdWords is available and you have an AdWords account that already has payment information associated with it, we won't be able to activate it as a Google Ad Grants account. However, there are two things you can do:

  1. Keep your paid account, but also apply for a Google Ad Grants account. You're allowed to run both a paid AdWords account and a Google Ad Grants account at the same time. We suggest that you use the accounts for different strategies. For example, since Google Ad Grants accounts have a CPC cap of USD $2.00*, you might consider bidding on keywords in your paid account that require a higher CPC. Please keep in mind that any charges accrued in your paid account is your responsibility to pay. Only your approved and activated Google Ad Grants account is available for free spend up to USD $1,000 a month.
  2. Use the AdWords Editor tool to transfer the campaigns from your paid account into a new account, following the steps below. In your Google Ad Grants application, submit the new account that does not contain billing information.
    1. Use AdWords Editor to download a copy of your existing AdWords account.
    2. Create a new account using this account creation guide.
    3. Move the content of your paid account into your new account.

* The $2 max CPC bid limit is lifted if you enable the bidding strategy "Maximize Conversions".  

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