Ignore requests for billing information

Do not enter credit card details or any other billing information when creating your Google Ads account for Google Ad Grants. If you enter credit card information and your campaigns run, you will be responsible for paying any charges accrued.

As noted in the Google Ad Grants account activation guide, you must skip the billing section in your account setup. After you create your Google Ads account, you might see messages in your account or via email requesting that you submit billing information. Please ignore these requests. Because nonprofits create accounts through the same interface as paying advertisers, you may see these alerts until we have activated your account for Google Ad Grants.

Once you build your Google Ads account and submit your Google Ads Customer ID via the Google Ad Grants application, our team will review the account and activate it if it meets our guidelines. At this point, the billing alerts will disappear from your Google Ads account.

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