Limits to budget and bids

Budget amount

All Google Ad Grants accounts are limited to a monthly budget of $10,000 USD -- roughly equivalent to $330 per day in ad spend. Note that this amount applies to the total of all campaign budgets in your account; therefore, if you have three ad campaigns, the $329 must be divided across all three campaigns.

This cap on daily budget is automatically implemented when your Google Ad Grants account is activated. Even though you'll be able to change the amount in your account, it will automatically be capped at $329.

There are improvements you can make to your account to help you spend less and make the most of your given budget. By improving your Quality Score with highly relevant keywords, ads, and landing webpages, you might reduce your costs. Learn more about this effect of relevance on cost.

Bid amount

Google Ad Grants accounts are limited to a $2 USD cost-per-click (CPC) bid. You might see performance tips that recommend raising your CPC. However, please keep in mind that the limit for your Ad Grants account is $2.

If your keywords appear to need more than this bid amount to compete, concentrate on improving your keyword quality and quality score which should result in lower CPC costs. Learn more about Quality Score and how it affects your keyword's CPC.

Bid options and tools

Your Google Ad Grants account can only use manual bidding options. Therefore, any feature that automatically adjusts CPC bids cannot be enabled. Here are a few examples:

  • automatic bidding
  • conversion optimizer
  • bid ideas on the Opportunities tab

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