Limits to budget and bids

With the Ad Grants program, there are limits to the bids and budgets in your campaigns. 

Budget limit

What is the budget limit?

All Google Ad Grants accounts are limited to a monthly budget of $10,000 USD, which equates to a daily budget of $329 USD.

How does the budget get split between campaigns?

Even if you have multiple campaigns, the budget for the account is still $329 USD per day, and you should split this budget between the campaigns. You can split the budget equally or give a larger budget to campaigns that are more important for your goals.

Note: Even though you'll be able to technically add higher budgets in your account, the actual spend for the whole account will automatically be capped at $329 USD.

How can I make sure that my budget is spent effectively?

Here are a couple of tips for making sure that your budget is used effectively:

  • Give a larger share of the budget for campaigns that are more important to your advertising goals.
  • Use keywords and ads that are specific to your organization's goals. Keeping your ads and keywords relevant can improve your Quality Score, keeping costs down. Learn more about Quality Score and the effect of relevance on cost.​​

Bid limit

What is the bid limit?

The maximum bid is $2.00 USD for manual and most automatic bidding types, except the conversion-based bidding strategies of Maximize Conversions, Target CPA, or Target ROAS. These strategies automatically set bids focused on your conversion goals and may bid above $2.00 USD if appropriate to your account goals.  To use these strategies in Ad Grants, conversion tracking must abide by policy. accurately reflect goals and may not be set as a view of a frequently visited page (you may use Google Analytics Smart Goals, time on site or pages per session goals instead). Review

What can I do if my keywords appear to need higher bids?

If it seems that your keywords need more than the $2.00 USD bid amount to compete, try improving your keyword quality and Quality Score, which should result in lower CPC costs.

Learn more about Quality Score and how it can affect your keyword's bids.

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