Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture allows you to watch a live TV feed while simultaneously using other features on your Google TV. Surf the web, browse pictures, or play a game without missing a second of your favorite TV program.

When watching live TV, press the Picture in Picture key to minimize the TV feed to a smaller window, then press Home or Search to access other features and apps on your Google TV. To return to viewing live TV in full screen, press the Picture in Picture key again.

Your remote may not have a dedicated Picture in Picture button, but you can still use the feature.

First, look for a combination key (like a FN key) and see if "PIP" is listed as an alternative function for a button on your remote.

Second, you can access the Picture in Picture function by pressing the Menu key while watching Live TV and selecting "Picture in Picture" from Live TV settings.

Open a Picture in Picture TV feed from another app

  • While using another app, long-press (press and hold) the Picture in Picture key
  • Select TV.

Picture in Picture Settings

  • To edit your settings, click on the Picture in Picture window on your TV or
  • Long press (press and hold) the Picture in Picture key.

To exit settings, press Back or Esc.