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Privacy Settings: More Information

Last edited: October 30th, 2012

Google takes privacy very seriously, and we provide users with transparency, choice, and control when making decisions about their personal information.

The Google Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information during your use of Google's products and services ("Google Services"), including the Google TV software platform and Google-created applications on the software platform (collectively, "the Google TV Platform"). This page provides you with additional information about the data we collect when you use the Google TV Platform. The information on this page may change over time as we improve the Google TV Platform.

Google's Privacy Policy Does Not Apply to Third Party Services.

Please keep in mind that products and services provided by third parties, including the creators of third-party applications and the hardware on which the Google TV Platform resides, may be governed by separate privacy policies made available by those third parties ("Other Privacy Policies"). Only Google's Privacy Policy (and/or the specific Privacy Policy of any Google Service) applies to Google Services and your use of Google Services.

Information we do not collect

  • Google will not collect specific data about your television viewing history unless you choose to use the personalization features of the PrimeTime for Google TV application (if it is available in your area) or otherwise provide opt-in consent. Please note that all references to the "PrimeTime for Google TV application" below include all versions of the application, including the Quick Guide and tablet application.

  • Third-party television service providers typically collect user data relating to channels tuned to and content viewed through their services ("Tuning Data"). Please consult your TV service's subscriber privacy policy for more information about if and how it shares such data with third parties. For certain Google TV Products with enhanced integration with Google TV (for example, DISH Network's products and services), Google will have the ability to receive Tuning Data from your television service provider. If you have a Google TV Product that permits enhanced integration and you consent to sharing your Tuning Data, Google will use your Tuning Data to provide you with additional functionality, personalized features and/or an enhanced integration of your television service with the Google TV Platform. We also may use Tuning Data internally to improve the Google TV Platform or other Google Services. If you have a device with enhanced integration and choose not to share that information with Google, your Google TV device may still collect Tuning Data, but that information will not be uploaded to Google's servers without your approval.

  • Google TV does not knowingly or intentionally collect information from individuals under the age of 13. In light of the shared and social nature of television and video viewing, we understand that children under the age of 13 may sometimes use the Google TV Platform in a family setting. They may do so only with the involvement of a parent or legal guardian and subject to the Universal Google Terms of Service and the Additional Terms of Service for the Google TV Platform. You can find more information about safety features on Google TV (including the ability to lock access to the Google Chrome browser and Google Play applications on Google TV and/or enable Safe Search) here.

  • Certain Location Information. The location feature of the Google Chrome browser that allows you to share your location with other sites on the Web is enabled in the Google Chrome browser on Google TV. This means that third party websites and/or applications may request information about your location from the Google TV Platform, and you will have the ability to give or deny consent. Note that certain sites and applications may not operate properly, or at all, if location detection is not enabled. Also, sites that automatically detect users' Internet Protocol (IP) addresses will be able to detect the IP address of your Google TV Platform if you access the site using the Chrome Browser application on your Google TV Platform. Regardless of whether your location is detected by any site accessed through the Google Chrome browser, the Google TV Platform does not store location information other than your zip code (if you provide it as part of the set-up process).

  • We do not collect personal information relating to your use of voice search. If your Google TV Platform allows you to use voice search, Google collects information about your use of that feature without associating that data with your Google Account. This data is collected to improve the quality of voice search. However, to the extent you use voice search to operate any specific Google Service (e.g., to run a search on Google TV's Quick Search functionality), the input you provide via voice search will be treated the same as any other input to that Google Service.

Information we collect and how we use it

  • If you provide it, your Google Account information is stored by Google in connection with the registration and activation of the Google TV Platform.

  • Each piece of hardware that comprises a Google TV Product is assigned one or more identification numbers, such as a MAC address. These identification numbers are associated with your Google Account if you provide it to us and one or more of them may be used to authenticate and activate your Google TV Product, authenticate delivery of some services and features on the Google TV Platform, and to allow your device to sync information between the Google TV Platform and other Google Services.

  • We will store information regarding your use of the Quick Search application on your Google TV device. Information about your use of the Quick Search application will be stored on your Google TV device in order to enable autocomplete on the Quick Search application. This information is not stored in a manner that associates it with your Google account.

  • You can opt in to have your Google TV Platform collect data for personalization. The PrimeTime for Google TV application, which is not currently available in all countries, provides a personal recommendation service. Unless you choose not to make use of the PrimeTime for Google TV application's personalization features, information regarding your use of that application will be collected by Google. This information will be used by the application to provide you with personalized recommendations in the future. You can review and/or manage the information collected by the PrimeTime for Google TV application through the application's settings menu and the Google dashboard (

  • We log certain data. In order to continually improve our services and provide a better user experience, we always collect some information and statistics from your Google TV Product and/or the Google TV Platform. For example, we log information regarding problems setting up your system, issues with features of your system, the fact that you have opened and/or closed certain applications, and your use of the quick-access keys on your remote (that is, the DVR key, the guide key, the search key, etc.). If you opt in to report more detailed usage information, we collect additional information about your use of your device, including, as described above, your use of the Quick Search Box. Information stored in our logs is either non-personalized after approximately two weeks and stored on our server logs only in the aggregate (if at all) or collected pseudonymously so that the logged information is not associated directly with a user's account.

  • Please keep in mind that if your Google TV device is in a location that is accessible to others, such as a living room or dorm room or other community setting, it is your responsibility to manage access to the device in that shared setting and to protect any personal information stored on it. As with any shared device, you may wish to log out of any services (including but not limited to Google Services), applications, and/or web sites that you have accessed through the Google TV Platform at the end of your session in order to prevent inadvertently sharing information with others who later access a device through which you access Google TV.

  • You can clear data stored on the Google TV Platform and/or Google TV device through settings on the Google TV Platform. Using settings available on your Google TV Platform, you can clear data stored on the Google TV Platform. You can also perform a factory reset of your Google TV device to clear all data from your device. Finally, you can delete data associated with your Google Account regarding your use of your Google TV device on a more granular level by accessing your dashboard.

  • In addition to third-party sites across the internet, you may use the Google TV Platform, including the Google Chrome browser on Google TV, to access certain Google Services such as Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube (including YouTube Leanback), Blogger, Web Search, and so forth. Certain of these Google Services may allow you to personalize the content you receive from Google. For these services, we will store your preferences and the information you provide for customization in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy and any privacy notice that describes how Google treats your personal information when you use that specific service.

  • Google uses the information that it collects and stores from the Google TV Platform for the purposes described in the Google Privacy Policy. We may share non-personal aggregated information collected through the Google TV Platform with our business partners and certain other third parties.

Users can access information about their Google TV device at

For more information about Google's Privacy policy visit