Watch movies & shows from streaming services

If you subscribe to streaming services, you can add them to your Google TV device or app. When you add services to your Google TV profile, you get more recommendations on what to watch on those services. If a service offers multiple subscription options, to get accurate recommendations, you need to link that service to your Google Account.

You also get recommendations for other services. Learn how to get more relevant recommendations.

Add or remove a streaming service

Add your streaming services | Google TV

On a Google TV device

  1. From the Google TV home screen, select Settings Settings and then Accounts & Sign In.
  2. Select your profile and then Your services.
  3. Scroll right and turn each service on or off.
  4. To save the selection and exit the screen, scroll left.

In the Google TV mobile app

  1. Open the Google TV app .
  2. At the top right, tap your Profile picture.
  3. Tap Manage services.
  4. Select the service you want to add or remove.
  5. Tap Done.

Tip: If you remove a service from a Google TV device or app, it doesn’t cancel your subscription. To cancel a subscription, contact the streaming service provider. 

Link or unlink a service with your account

  1. On a phone or tablet, open the Google Home app Home.
  2. At the top right, make sure you’re signed in to the account you use on your Google TV device.
  3. At the top left, tap Add Add account.
  4. Under “Manage services,” tap Video or Live TV.
  5. Find the service and tap Link or Add Add account
    • To remove a linked service, tap Unlink.
  6. To finish, follow the on-screen instructions.
Tip: If you unlink a service from your account, it doesn’t cancel your subscription. To cancel a subscription, contact the service provider.

Find movies or shows from your services

On a Google TV device

  1. Install the app for your service. Learn how to install apps on Google TV.
  2. Search for a specific movie or show.
  3. Open the title’s details page.
  4. At the bottom, find the number of “ways to watch.” 
  5. Choose the service you want to watch on.

In the Google TV mobile app

  1. Open the Google TV app .
  2. Search for the movie or show.
  3. Choose your streaming app.
  4. Tap Watch.


  • The movie or show plays directly from the streaming app.
  • If you don’t have the app installed, you get a prompt to download it from the Google Play Store.

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