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Sustainable Shopping

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We’ve aimed toward a future of smarter buys and zero emissions.

Google Shopping is committed to guide you with eco-conscious decisions and reduce the toll of packaging and shipping on our planet.

Lower the impact of shipping

Delivery vehicles that bring packages to your doorstep, is the top producer of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S.

When you use Google Shopping, we offset carbon emissions generated from shipping your order to you. For every metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted, we fund external projects that reduce the same number of emissions. We also capture methane gas generated from landfill waste. We’ve continually offset emissions since October 2019.

Learn more about Google’s sustainability efforts.

Find your local recycling center

Figuring out which materials are recyclable can be a challenge. For tips on how to locate local recycling centers and sustainably get rid of used goods, go to Earth911.

A zero-plastic packaging option for stores

Today only 9% of plastic produced is recycled, with the remainder tossed or piled up in landfills. In addition, 40% of all plastic produced goes into single-use packaging.

To lower the amount of plastic used in shipments, we’ve made ecological packaging by The Sustainable Suite available to stores on Google Shopping.


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