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Add or delete shopping reviews

Product and Seller reviews on Google come from many sources. Your ability to add and delete reviews may differ, depending on the source.

Add a review

To write a review for a purchase made directly on Google, check your email for an invitation to review your shopping experience with the seller as well as for individual products you purchased.

If you make a purchase on a non-Google shopping site you may see an invitation to write shopping reviews via the Google Customer Reviews program. If you opt-in to being contacted by Google you will receive an email to write a review within a few days of the estimated delivery date of your order.

You can also search for the product on Google Search. Under "Reviews", you can add a star rating and enter your review. Learn more about reviews on Google Search

Delete a review

You can delete shopping reviews that you have written on Google if you were signed into a Google account at that time. To find all shopping reviews you've contributed to Google, in a web browser, open your reviews page. From there, you can delete any or all reviews listed.

Shopping reviews that you wrote anonymously (for example, anonymous reviews through Google Customer Reviews) cannot be deleted because these reviews are not associated with a Google account.

Third-Party Review Providers

We gather seller and product reviews from sellers and other review providers to create a comprehensive shopping experience.

If you'd like to delete a seller or product review you’ve written through a third-party service shown on Google, delete it through the original site where you wrote your review.

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