Add or delete product reviews

Product reviews on Google come from many sources. Your ability to delete reviews may differ, depending on the source.

Add a product review

To write a review for a product you bought directly on Google, check your email for an invitation.

Delete a product review

If you wrote a review for a product bought directly on Google, you can delete it anytime.

To find all product reviews you've contributed to Google Shopping, in a web browser, open your reviews page.

From there, you can delete any or all reviews listed.

Google Customer Reviews

If you wrote a product review from a purchase on a third-party online merchant through the Google Customer Reviews program, you can't delete the review. This is because these product reviews are anonymous and not associated with your Google Account.

Third-Party Review Providers

We gather product reviews from advertisers, merchants, and other review providers to create a comprehensive shopping experience.

If you'd like to delete a product review you’ve written through a third-party service shown on Google Shopping, delete it through the original site.

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