Deleting product reviews you wrote

Product reviews on Google come from many sources. Your ability to delete reviews may differ, depending on the source.

Google Shopping & Google Express 

If you wrote a product review on Google for a product purchased directly with Google Express or Google Shopping, you may delete it any time. 

To delete your product review:

In a web browser, open your contributions page. On this page you’ll see all product reviews you’ve contributed to Google Shopping or Google Express. 

From there, you have the option to delete any or all reviews listed.

Google Customer Reviews 

If you wrote a product review from a purchase on a third-party online merchant through the Google Customer Reviews program, there is no option to delete the review. This is because these product reviews are anonymous and not associated with your Google Account. 

Third-Party Review Providers

We gather product reviews from advertisers, merchants, and other review providers to create a comprehensive shopping experience. 

If you'd like to delete a product review you’ve written through a third-party service that shows up on Google Shopping or Google Express, you’ll need to do this through the original site. 

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