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तपाईंले अनुरोध गर्नुभएको पृष्ठ हाल तपाईंको भाषामा उपलब्ध छैन। तपाईं पृष्ठको फेदबाट कुनै अर्को भाषालाई चयन गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ वा Google Chrome को अन्तर्निर्मित अनुवाद सुविधा को प्रयोग गरेर कुनै पनि वेबपृष्ठलाई आफूले चाहनुभएको भाषामा तुरुन्त अनुवाद गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ।

Set or change your delivery address

You can easily update your delivery address at checkout.

Add a new address

  1. Click the down arrow next to the delivery address.
  3. Enter your information including address and phone number.
  4. Click Save.

Update your address

  1. Click the down arrow next to the delivery address.
  2. Click the pencil icon to update the address and phone number.
  3. Click Save.

Remove an address

  1. Next to the delivery address, click the down arrow More.
  2. Next to the address you want to remove, click the pencil icon .
  3. At the bottom, click Trash .

Need to change your address after you've placed an order?

At this time, we can’t change your delivery address once the order has been processed. If your order hasn't been processed yet, you can file a cancellation request. Then, you can place a new order with the correct address.


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