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A few things to note

  • Stores on our site work with delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS to serve as wide an area of shoppers as possible. You’ll find a tracking number on your Orders page, or in the email confirming that your order is on the way.
  • Some delivery companies don’t ship on weekends.
  • When your order requires a signature at delivery, you’ll be notified at checkout.
  • You can make domestic returns on orders from international sellers. Read more on returns.
  • Read more on international orders in our terms of service.

Store pickup availability

Important: Due to COVID-19, Best Buy changed their procedures to treat some store pickup orders as curbside pickups.

To choose store pickup at checkout, all items in an order must be eligible for pickup at the seller. The availability of store pickup may also vary based on:

  • Seller and item availability
  • If all items can be picked up at the same location

Tip: A valid government ID is required for store pickups. The name on the order must match the name on the ID. Once you complete an order, you cannot change the person who will pick up the order.

At checkout, you can choose home delivery, store pickup, or a collection point. Store pickup and collection point availability depend on the limitations listed below. Delivery times and speeds may differ.

How it works

Collection point availability

To choose collection point delivery at checkout, all items in an order must be eligible for delivery to a collection point. The availability of collection point delivery may also vary based on:

  • Your delivery address
  • Seller eligibility
  • Item eligibility

Closed or full collection points

If a collection point is unexpectedly closed or full when a carrier tries to deliver an order, Colissimo will reroute the parcel to the next-best location the next day. When they do, you’ll receive an email that lets you know to check the status of the parcel, and that its collection point has changed.


For automated locker collection point delivery, you'll need your unique PIN code sent to you by SMS message.

Important: If you lose the PIN code provided, contact Colissimo to receive a new one.

For more help, contact us or visit Colissimo’s website.


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