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When you place an order, your card may first be authorized for the full amount listed in your order confirmation email. If you apply a promo code or discount code to an order that contains items from multiple sellers, your card may first be authorized for the full amount.

The final amount charged to your card will depend on item availability, discount codes applied, and any fees the seller charges, like bottle deposits.

The charge will be facilitated through Google Payments. You’ll notice separate charges for each seller you order from, as well as a separate charge from Google or our partnered payment service provider for the shipping & service fee.

Typically you’ll find the final and actual amount charged to your card in 7–10 business days. The charge may be labeled as a Google transaction or labeled with the information of one of our payment service providers, like PayPal. You can confirm this amount:

  • In the confirmation email that says your order is on its way
  • On your Orders page after delivery

If you cancel your order or return an item, it may take 7–10 business days for the authorization to be removed.

Sales tax

Your final charge will include the appropriate sales tax based on your order. Keep in mind: 

  • The “Estimated Tax” at checkout may include other fees and may be an overestimate. Any taxes or fees will be adjusted if they don’t apply to your order. The final amount will be reflected in your final charge.
  • Sales tax is calculated based on the delivery address.  

The tax displayed at Google Shopping during checkout is an estimate, and the actual tax you're charged may be adjusted during shipment.

Authorizations & data sharing

Payment Service Providers, like PayPal, process transactions for Buy on Google.

The data about you and your device, app, or browser that Google shares with these Payment Service Providers will allow the Payment Service Providers to identify and detect fraud with greater accuracy.

The ability to detect and prevent fraud effectively keeps both our customers and retailers safe by minimizing risks, such as unauthorized credit card charges and account takeover. 


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