Recommendations & personalization

How ads are personalized

By default, ranking of Shopping ads is based on a combination of advertiser bids and relevance, such as a user’s current search terms and activity.

Personalized ads on Google are shown to users based on parameters such as:

  • Information about users, such as age and gender, including information provided by users in their Google Accounts
  • Activity saved to their Google Accounts, including things they’ve looked for on Google Search or the Shopping tab, videos they’ve watched on YouTube, apps they’ve installed on their Android device, and ads or content they’ve interacted with
  • Activity from sites that partner with Google that is saved to their Google Account

The relative importance of these parameters varies and is determined by machine learning models to maximize Shopping Ads’ relevance to users. For example, things previously looked for on Google Search and videos watched on YouTube indicate users’ interests.

How listings are personalized on the Shopping tab

By default, ranking of product listings on the Shopping tab is based on relevance to a user’s current search terms. Personalized listings on Google are shown to users based on recent activity, such as searches.

The collection of user data is controlled by Web & App Activity. The use of data is controlled by personal results settings

The relative importance of these parameters is determined by algorithms to maximize listings’ relevance to users.

Google uses browsing activity

To create a personalized shopping experience for you, Google uses your browsing activity when you have allowed Google to use your browsing data. This activity includes searches and clicks on the Google Search results page.

To help you get better results on Google Shopping, your past Google activity is used to:

  • Make recommendations on items to buy
  • Rank items based on relevance
  • Send reminders based on your preferences

Manage your personalization settings

To turn off personalization using order history and Google activity:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Activity controls.
  3. Turn off Web & App Activity.

To find and delete past activity, and remove from personalization:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Activity controls.
  3. Go to Manage activity.

For more detailed information, read Delete your activity.

Tip: If you delete past activity, it may impact your experience in other Google services like Google Search and Google Assistant. You can always turn your Web & App Activity setting back on, delete it, or change your settings at

Learn more about Web & App Activity.

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