Recommendations and personalization using order history and Google activity

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You can let Google use your Buy on Google order history and other Google activity (such as searches and clicks on the Google Search results page) to create a personalized shopping experience.

To help you get better results on Google Shopping, your order history and past Google activity are used to:

  • Make recommendations on items to buy
  • Enable quick reorders of products you’ve purchased before
  • Send reminders based on your preferences and past orders

Manage your personalization settings

To turn off personalization using order history and Google activity:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Activity controls.
  3. Turn off Web & App Activity.

Please note that this may impact your experience in other Google services like Google Search and Google Assistant.  You can always turn your Web & App Activity setting back on, delete it or change your settings at

Learn more about Web & App Activity.


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