El programa Comprar con Google para la Búsqueda y Shopping finalizará en septiembre del 2023.

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When you meet the per-store minimum, you'll get free delivery. Free delivery means no shipping & service fees. Orders must meet store minimums before taxes & fees in select delivery areas.

Read more about fees and taxes below.

Item prices and taxes

Item prices and applicable fees (such as taxes and other fees that the store charges, like bottle deposits and e-waste fees) may vary. Prices on Google Shopping are set by each store. 

Sales tax is calculated based on the delivery address.  For more details, see Charges, authorizations, and taxes


Sales tax on sale items with coupons and promo codes

In most states, you’ll see a tax applied to your items for their full listed price, before a coupon or promo code is applied. An exception is Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas, where a discount from a code also reduces the item’s taxable value: for example, if you use a $20 promo code for a $50 item from a Texas store, you will only be taxed for the $30 you pay for. In stores located at most other states you’ll pay tax for the full $50 item. 

Delivery fee

A delivery fee is based on the actual fees delivery companies charge for delivering each order.

These vary by store and start at $5.99. If you see a shipping fee at checkout, you won’t see a separate small-order service fee. 

Precios de los artículos e IVA

Los precios de los artículos incluidos en Comprar en Google los definen los comerciantes e incluyen el IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido).

Importe mínimo para entregas gratuitas

Es posible que algunos comerciantes definan un importe mínimo para efectuar las entregas de forma gratuita. Esta información se especifica en la página del comerciante de nuestro sitio web. Si tu pedido supera este importe, no se te cobrará ningún gasto de envío.

Gastos de envío

Los gastos de envío que se indican a la hora de tramitar la compra son una cantidad que establece cada comerciante y que puede variar.


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