Delivery issues (Missed delivery, where's my order?)

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If you get an email letting you know of a change to your delivery, this may mean that it was unexpectedly delayed in transit or that the driver couldn't access your door or leave your package in a safe place.

This email will include a tracking number so you can stay up to date on the next delivery attempt. In most cases delivery companies will try at least 2 times.

Where's my order?

To check the status of your delivery, go to your Orders page. Then click on your tracking number above your most recent order to see updates from the delivery company.


Can't find your package after getting a notice of delivery from Buy on Google?

  • Check your mail room, leasing office or lobby, or with your neighbour.
  • There’s also a chance your order is still in transit. If it hasn’t shown up in 24 more hours, get in touch and we’ll help sort it out.



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