Manage your linked loyalty membership accounts


  • When you link your account to a brand's loyalty program, the data is only used to determine your relationship with the loyalty program and isn't used for any other purpose.
  • If you opt in to this feature, you can let Google help link your brand membership accounts to your Google Account. Google cooperates with trusted partners for this capability.

You can link your loyalty, rewards, and membership accounts from your favorite brands in your Google Account to help you discover personalized member benefits when you search, like:

  • Special deals
  • Free shipping
  • Points earned per purchase when you use Google

Opt in to loyalty membership on Google

When you browse an item that you’re interested in, you may find a loyalty membership account is available to associate with your Google Account. The option is at the bottom of the buying options.

Link a loyalty membership yourself

  1. Click or tap the brand with a loyalty program.
  2. In the "Detail" view, select the loyalty membership account level you have with that brand.
    • Any member benefits you have under that account appear beneath your selection.
  3. Select Save.

Let Google automatically find accounts for you

  1. Click or tap the brand with a loyalty program.
  2. In the detail view, select Edit preferences .
  3. Under “Your loyalty programs,” select Connect.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the opt in.

If you don’t find a loyalty program for a merchant, you can always check later in case a new program is available.

Unlink loyalty membership accounts

You can remove yourself from merchant loyalty programs when you browse an item sold by that merchant.

  1. Click or tap a merchant with a loyalty tier saved to your Google Account.
  2. Beneath the loyalty program, select Edit preferences.
  3. For loyalty memberships that you linked yourself:
    • Beneath “My Loyalty Programs,” find the loyalty tier you want to remove and select Remove Remove.
    • To unlink your account, go to My Account.
  4. For memberships that Google automatically found:
    • Beneath the loyalty program, select Edit preferences and then Change and then Disconnect.
  5. For memberships that Google helped link with Google Wallet:
    • Beneath the loyalty program, select Edit preferences and then Source: Google Wallet. This takes you directly to the pass on Google Wallet to unlink.
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