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About loyalty programs

Google partners with loyalty benefits providers, including merchants like Target and Sephora, to show you special program benefits. These loyalty benefits can include free shipping, exclusive offers, member-only promotions and sales, free returns, special pricing, and points.

How it works

To find loyalty benefits for a merchant, link your Google Account with the loyalty benefits provider. You may get the option to link your account on multiple Google product experiences. If you don’t want your loyalty benefits to display on Google, you can opt out at My Account.

If you don’t find your member benefits after you link your account with Target, you might not have a Circle or RedCard membership active on your account. Log into and make sure you have an active membership on your account, then try again.

How Google uses your data for loyalty experiences

When you consent to link your account for loyalty benefits:

  • Google collects your data, like loyalty ID, loyalty tier, and loyalty point balance, from the loyalty benefits provider to display the most accurate experience.
  • Google stores third party-provided loyalty data on your Google Account to provide enriched shopping experiences.
  • Your loyalty data is used for your shopping experiences and isn’t shared with other third parties.
  • At your request, Google deletes third party-provided loyalty data stored in your Google Account.
  • Google stores your loyalty data for up to one year, including status, loyalty ID, current tier, and point balance for participating third parties.
  • If you unlink your Google Account from the loyalty benefits provider, Google fully deletes your loyalty data within 30 days. To unlink your account, go to My Account.
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