Find Black-owned businesses

You can now easily tell when a retailer identifies as a Black-owned business. To help you find and support Black-owned businesses, check for the Black-owned icon . You can find this icon on the product page of the Shopping tab.

Tip: You'll only find this icon if the retailer chooses to self-identify as Black-owned. Learn how to add the Black-owned icon to your business.

Check if a business is Black-owned

  1. Search for an item you want to know more about.
  2. Go to the "Shopping" tab.
    • Mobile device: Click the product title or image of the item.
    • Computer: Click the product title or image and then View Product details.
  3. On the product page, if a retailer identifies as Black-owned, you'll find the Black-owned icon .
    • Mobile device: Check in the “Buying options” section.
    • Computer: Check in the “Compare buying options” section.
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