Info about the Google Play Music sunset

Earlier this year, we announced our plan to sunset the Google Play Music experience. We know that you have questions about how and when this will happen - please visit this page for the latest updates. 

Here is an overview of what you can expect:

Date Event
August 2020 Access to the Music Store on Google Play, and Uploads to Google Play Music through Music Manager will start to go away.
September 2020 Access to Google Play Music begins going away for some users.
December 2020 Access to Google Play Music for all users is gone.

Transition to YouTube Music

Google Play Music users can now transition their account over to YouTube Music with just one click. Learn more here

Any data (e.g., your uploaded music, your library and playlists, etc.) that is not transferred could be permanently lost. We will not be able to retrieve this information so we encourage you to transfer your account to YouTube Music or download your existing library and data using Google Takeout.  

You can also delete your Google Play Music recommendations, history, and music library at any point by following the steps here.

If you subscribe to Google Play Music through Google billing, and you decide not to transfer to YouTube Music, we’ll automatically cancel your membership. You’ll keep your membership benefits until the month that Google Play Music shuts down in your territory. Your specific Google Play Music access end date will fall on the last day of your billing cycle.

Access to Google Play Music 

Starting September 2020, users will begin losing access to Google Play Music. This means you will no longer be able to listen to your music using Google Play Music. However, your music library will remain intact and can still be transferred to YouTube Music - you will have a minimum of 30 days after losing access to Google Play Music to complete your transfer. 

Not all Google Play Music users will lose access at the same time. This will happen on an ongoing basis between September and December 2020. We cannot reinstate access to individual accounts. 

Changes to the Music store on Google Play

Beginning August 2020, the Music store on Google Play will no longer support music purchases. If you have pre-ordered content with a delivery date that is after when we stop supporting purchases, we will automatically cancel your order and you will not be charged. You will receive an email letting you know your order was cancelled. 

You can transfer music that you’ve purchased to YouTube Music as part of your account transfer or download it using Google Takeout. Music reviews and music on your wishlist will not be migrated to YouTube Music as part of your transfer, but you can download them using Google Takeout.

Music Manager Updates

Music Manager will no longer support uploads or downloads starting August 2020. You can upload your music library to YouTube Music and continue your listening experience there. 

Move podcasts to Google Podcast

YouTube Music does not support podcasts so these will not be migrated as part of your transfer. You can transfer your podcast subscriptions and episode progress from Google Play Music to Google Podcast instead. Click here to start your transfer.

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