Listen to podcasts with Google Play Music

YouTube Music does not support podcasts - we encourage you to migrate your podcasts, subscriptions, and episodes to Google Podcast. Follow these steps to ensure your listening experience is not interrupted.


  • Podcasts are currently available in the US and Canada.
  • For iPhone or iPad, podcasts are not available in the Google Play Music app.

Find and Play podcasts

Stream podcasts on or using the Google Play Music app Play Music for Android. You can also download podcasts to listen offline, using the Android mobile app. While listening, your place in the episode will be automatically saved, so you don’t lose your spot.

Find podcasts
  1. Visit or open the Google Play Music app Play Music.
  2. Search for the podcast you would like to hear.
  3. In the search results, find Podcasts.
  4. Select the podcast to open a details page.
Stream a podcast
  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet using Wi-Fi or a mobile data network.
  2. Visit or open the Google Play Music app Play Music.
  3. Select the episode you’d like to hear to begin playing.
Download a podcast
  1. Open the Google Play Music app Play Music.
  2. Next to the episode you’d like to download, tap Info Information.
  3. On the details page, tap Download Download.

Once you've listened to a full episode, the download may be automatically removed to make space for newer episodes. You can also remove downloaded episodes manually.

To remove a download: Tap Info Information and then Downloaded Done and then Remove.

Subscribe to new episodes

You can subscribe to a podcast to auto-download new episodes or get notified when they are available. To subscribe to a podcast:

  1. Select a podcast you would like to subscribe to. 
  2. On the details page, select Subscribe .
  3. Select your desired subscription settings. 

To edit subscription settings: Touch Subscribed. Then, you can edit automatic downloads, notifications, or unsubscribe. 

Auto-download: You can choose to automatically download the 5 latest episodes of a Podcast. New episodes will be downloaded automatically when they're released.

Manage your podcasts

  1. Visit or open the Google Play Music app Play Music.
  2. Select Menu Menu  and then Podcasts.
  3. Select a podcast to edit subscriptions or remove downloads. 


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