Best practices for private apps

Before publishing your private apps, make sure the Play Console or Managed Play iframe doesn't show any warnings or errors. Ignoring these may prevent your app from being published. We also recommend following these best practices:

Building and signing your APK

  • Your app's package name must be globally unique in Google Play (not just unique within your enterprise or Google Play Developer account). If your package name is the same as a package name already in Google Play, then recompile your app with a different package name.
  • Google Play requires APKs to be byte aligned to optimize RAM usage. If your APK isn't byte aligned, you can use the zipalign tool to align your APK file.
  • The key you use to sign your APK should have a long validity period. See Signing considerations for more details.

Using trademarked content and third-party intellectual property

Using trademarked content without permission may result in a violation of Google Play Policy, even if the content belongs to your organization. If your private app:

  • Contains trademarked content (brand names, logos, graphic assets, audio, etc.), or
  • you're republishing an APK that you received from a third party

Notify the Google Play App Review team that you have permission to use the content, and wait for a response from the team before publishing your app.

Further Reading: 

Developer documentation for private apps with the Managed Play iframe

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