Google-hosted private apps

Managed Google Play users experience faster downloads when a private app is hosted by Google. There is reduced data consumption because there is no need to download the whole Android application package (APK) each time an update is distributed.

Google-hosted private apps also provide:

Reliability and service
  • High-uptime Google servers
  • Automated device compatibility testing
  • Larger downloads
Easy administration
  • Google-managed servers, so you don’t have to manage or support your own server
  • Alpha and beta channels to manage new app pilot programs and new app versions
  • Automatic generation of APK store-listing meta-data, which allows compatibility with Android Wear, Android Auto, and Android TV
  • Google’s enterprise-grade security, including SSL downloads
  • Malware security scanning
  • Alerts if we detect security vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed

APKs with company-sensitive Information

If your APK contains company-sensitive information, you should remove that information from the APK, host the APK on your own secure servers, and have your app request the information when it is needed. This approach is more secure than embedding sensitive data in the APK itself, and allows you to host your APK on Google Play.

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