Self-hosted private apps

We want all managed Google Play apps to be helpful—and safe. Unfortunately we do not scan self-hosted Android Application Packages (APKs), so we can't guarantee that the content is safe. We let all users know this when they access a self-hosted app. We also have the following restrictions for self-hosted APKs:

  • Android Auto second-screen projection is disabled. This is because all Auto-targeted apps must go through a specific review to ensure that they’re not distracting to drivers.
  • To remotely install self-hosted apps on devices, an administrator must have device owner privileges. This typically applies to devices that are owned and fully managed by the company.
  • If a user wants to install self-hosted apps, they must have a work profile on their device, or be working in device owner mode.
  • Self-hosted apps are published to the production channel only, and not to an alpha or beta channel.

To publish an externally hosted app, you must sign in to the Google Play Console with an administrator account and create a private app by publishing to your own organization.

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