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Updated: Today
I cant find my redeemed movie after I have entered the code? I recently purchased Robin Hood, entered my code as prompted went to google play library and movie i… Unable to connect to WIFI after Android 9 update on Android TV - MiTV I have a Mi Android TV which was purchased 3 months ago. Android 8 was the default TV OS. Few days b…
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Anyone know of plans to bring 4K HDR playback to Roku? I thought it was supposed to happen by now? I remember reading that 4K HDR playback in the Play Movies app would be added to capable Roku Player…
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Google play movies I have 2 google accounts can I move a movie from one account to the other
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Need to solve Frozen, why, Audio and subtitles can't keep up with the rhythm, please solve this prob 我正在尝试再次下载,但是仍然一样,我现在需要您解决它,音频和字幕不匹配,并且体验非常差。
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How to get movie to family library if purchased with other credit card? There was a small moment in time where I had a different credit card set as my Family Payment Method…
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problem in downloading apps from store ? i am downloading apps from store on my mobile but it stuck on 40% to 45% . please tell me where is t…
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 19 Upvotes
Have to keep re-downloading movies. I own several movies that I have to keep downloading everytime I want to watch them offline. Why wou…
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Updated: Yesterday
why resume blank white screen then resume if you can find where you left off.
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Wel betaald geen film, ook niet in bestelhistory Ik heb een film willen kopen. Dit ging goed tot het betalen. Toen ik betaald had kwam er een foutmel…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 62 Upvotes
Subscription cost for google playntv and movies I am curious what cost is to subscribe
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Getting Google Play Movies with original audio - feels like Groundhog Day. This has been opened before several times and I am opening it once again because the last time someb…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 41 Upvotes
Missing Guide info on Live Channels app on Channel Master Stream+, cannot set recordings. A few months ago I bought a Channel Master Stream+ that I use to watch and DVR shows from an over th…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 64 Upvotes
I have a subscription to shudder, I'm trying to cancel, but I can not find the subscripon to cancel I searched my accounts on Google
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Why is some shows and movies on iTunes and not Google Play? Forgive my unfamiliarity of Google Play, I am an iTunes convert. But my question is how come there a…
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Unable to play any rented or owned movies from Google Play Movies I keep getting the following message when I try to watch anything in my library: "This type of playb…
0 Recommended Answers 17 Replies 64 Upvotes
I got a 99 cent movie rental on my account. It expires on the 27 but says transaction declined alway I've tried SD and HD rental but both just tell me "Transaction declined," every single time, even on…
0 Recommended Answers 107 Replies 4555 Upvotes
DIGITAL COPIES PREVIOUSLY INSTALL MISSING Yesterday, 01/24/2020, installed new digital copy of GOT season 8, checked my library and found GOT …
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I rented a movie on google play and paid for it, now i can’t watch it So I rented a movie, then I want to watch it and try to find the movie I just bought in My Movies, i…
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How Can I stream shudder movies Do not know how to stream my shutter movies
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