Transferring from Google Play Music Podcast Portal

Later this year Google Podcasts Manager will replace Google Play Music Podcast Portal as our home for podcast creators on Google. We recommend transferring your shows to the recently launched Podcasts Manager so you can access deeper analytics to help understand your listeners and reach them across Google products.

Here are some general guidelines to help make the move easier.

Transfer instructions

To transfer your podcast:

  1. Confirm that your feed has either the <googleplay:owner> tag, or the <itunes:owner> and <itunes:email> tags, specifying an email address to which you have access. This is used to prove ownership of the feed. Read more about the ownership tags.
  2. Go to to transfer your shows from Google Play Music Podcast Portal to Google Podcasts Manager. In most cases this will happen seamlessly, with all shows transferred. You will also be reminded to transfer via email and a banner in Google Play Music Podcast Portal.
  3. If the transfer doesn't occur automatically, you might be prompted to prove ownership of your transferred podcast on Podcasts Manager. This is because Podcasts Manager can associate multiple feeds with a single podcast, but you must prove ownership of a specific feed in order to have permissions for the show on Podcasts Manager. As part of the transfer, Google may have associated multiple similar feeds with the same podcast, and your past ownership was not with the authoritative feed. See show verification and ownership differences below.
  4. Read up on Podcasts Manager to learn how you can use it to monitor your listening data on Google Podcasts platforms.
  5. Add or remove users who have access to your show in Podcasts Manager, as desired.
  6. Export your existing data from Podcast Portal if you want to keep it. Your data will be available on Podcast Portal for about a month after it is officially deprecated. However, note that data in the older product is not gathered from the same sources, or calculated the same as data in the new product, so you won't be able to make direct comparisons between the two. Read about data differences.

Differences between Podcast Portal and Podcasts Manager

You should read up on Podcasts Manager in order to understand how the new product works; it's not difficult, and won't take much time. The new product should be easier to use and provide more useful, actionable information. Here are a summary of the main differences between Podcast Portal and Podcasts Manager:

Show verification and ownership differences

The older product was based on Google Play Music, which allowed podcasters to submit as many RSS feeds as they wanted, and Google Play Music would serve each feed as a separate podcast.

The newer product is based on podcast discovery and play on all of Google Podcasts platforms. These platforms expose only one RSS feed for each podcast--the served feed; other feeds that are deemed to be "similar" to that feed are considered duplicates and are not shown to podcast listeners on Google.

You must prove ownership of the feed served by Google. Occasionally, Google might change the served feed, if it finds a more representative feed for your podcast, and serve that one exclusively instead. In that case, you will receive a notification of the change, and will be required to prove ownership of the newly served feed.

If you think that Google has chosen the wrong feed to represent your podcast, read here.

Read more about podcasts with multiple feeds.

RSS feed differences

Google Podcasts Portal had a slightly different set of requirements for RSS feed tags than Podcasts Manager. Most importantly, you now need the following podcast-level tags

  • Either <googleplay:owner> or <itunes:owner><itunes:email></itunes:email></itunes:owner> are required to prove ownership of a feed in Podcasts Manager.
  • GUID is no longer used to identify an episode uniquely; the episode URL is now used to uniquely and persistently identify an episode.

There are several other changes, including a different set of recommended and supported tags. Please read the RSS guidelines for Podcasts Manager.

Data differences

The old product recorded data only from Google Play Music listens. The new product records listens from any Google Podcasts platform, including the Google Podcast mobile app, Google Home, Google Search, and more. Therefore your listen metrics will probably increase quite a bit, since it's being gathered from more listening platforms. Learn more about the data.

Feature differences

New features

The new product shows user plays by device (mobile, desktop, and more), by episode, and second-by-second listen metrics for each episode.

Upcoming features

The new product does not yet show the number of subscribed users. This feature will be added in the coming months.

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