View podcast reports

In the Podcast Portal, you can find listener activity, download, and subscription reports.

Access your reports

  1. Go to your Google Play Music Podcast Portal.
  2. Select a podcast.
    • To see overall podcast reports, click on Listener activity report or Subscription.
    • To see data for a specific episode, click the reports icon Reports icon.

Types of reports

Listener activity report: plays & downloads

With the listener activity report, you can see playback and download statistics for your podcast or an individual episode.

The play and download statistics can be broken down per day for the podcast series or filtered to see the statistics for individual episodes.

  • Plays: The number of times a listener started listening to a podcast episode.
  • Downloads: The number of times a listener downloaded an episode to their device.

Subscriber report

With the subscriber report, you can see the total number of people subscribing to your podcast.

To be considered a subscriber, a listener must have added the podcast to the My Podcasts section of Google Play Music in the app or on the web. Subscribers can also choose to auto-download or get notifications for new episodes.

Evaluate your data

How are plays and downloads calculated?

When a listener starts and stops the same episode repeatedly, only one activity is reported for that episode. If a listener switches to another music track or episode and then comes back, a separate activity will be reported.

Listener action Resulting report activity
Listener starts and pauses a podcast episode several times in a row without closing the app or starting any other tracks or episodes 1 play activity for the episode
Listener plays a podcast episode, closes the app, reopens it, and plays the same episode again 2 play activities for the episode
Listener starts a podcast episode, starts another episode, then continues playing the original episode 2 play activities for the first episode
Data anonymization

To preserve the privacy of Google Play Music listeners, all data reported is calculated in the following way:

  • Total metrics less than 10: If any metric has a value of less than 10, it will be reported as 0.
  • Daily values above 9: For any metric with a daily value above 9, that metric is adjusted by adding a random value in the range of +/- 9 with a mean adjustment of 0.

For example, if on day 1 your podcast had 9 listeners, this will always be reported as 0. If on day 2, your podcast has 10 listeners, this may be reported as anywhere from 1 to 19 listeners.

Updating data

Data is aggregated and reported daily. When activity data first becomes available for a given date, it will be visible in your Podcast Portal reports.

Since users can listen to podcast episodes offline, it may take a few days for all podcast listening data to be fully reported and aggregated.

Episode storage & third-party reports

Google Play Music stores podcast episodes on Google servers, and the original hosting service won't report multiple downloads for the podcast.

You can use the reports in the Podcast Portal to see full consumption details for the episodes.

Read-only access

You can grant read-only access to other people to view your podcast reports. People with read-only access can see the podcast details and reports but not modify any podcast settings.

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