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installing play support libraries is using my mobile data

Away on vacation with no wifi each day this thing I've never seen before is trying to install itself without my permission, costing me money using my limited data.
Wth is this? Can't find any mention anywhere on the whole internet!
"installing play support libraries"
Looks like a big download too going by the length of the status bar.
WHY is this being installed without my permission and over mobile data!!! I can't even find it to try to find a way to turn it off.
NOTHING should be using my mobile data without being able to disable it!
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Hello Rob,

Welcome To The Google Play Help Forum

I understand that you would like to disable auto update of app using mobile data of your android device. here are the steps

In order to disable auto update on your device, please open Google Play Store app> Menu (3 bars)> Settings> Auto update apps.
Select Do not update auto update apps or Auto -update apps over WiFi so that the apps doesn't get update over mobile data.
When you select "Do not auto-update apps", it will not update an app unless you do it manually.
When you will select "Auto-update apps over WiFi only" it will update the apps automatically when you are connected over WiFi.
You may select either of the options to disable auto updates over mobile phone.

Let me know if you need anything else

Thank You
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Apparently you did really read what I wrote because I said nothing about turning off app updates.
Auto update is turned off on every device I own (over 20).
We are NOT talking about an app update. This is a Play Store component that can't be found on my device.
No component should ever auto update and use a person's mobile data - ever!
This is Google Play Support libraries. This is not an app you go download.
Max Williams #
Max Williams #
Well I understand what you are asking about. I too have set no auto updates and update only on wifi but find Playstore overriding this and helping itself to my mobile data.. for libraries. Is there any way to stop it or at least delay it until I'm next on WiFi?
Google user
Google user
That's a major security issue. Google should respect when people have automatic updates off.
This stupid library just installed on me too. I have instant apps turned off, and automatic updates off. Now you're telling me that there's another update I can't block?
No wonder you didn't send anyone to Congress. You're not only in contempt of the us Congress but in contemp of informed consent of your user base.
Google user
Google user
Share My response below with your support Pitt boss
Veronica Vela
Veronica Vela
Same just happened to me. I made sure my settings were on manual update. Why are they updating without my consent? Wtf?
K Broadbent
K Broadbent
Agree, Updates load at the Worst Possible Time, 5pm when my Data is crawling due to traffic.  I just want to be able to reschedule this.   Going on 20 minutes currently. 
Exactly the same thing happened to be. The library was downloaded and installed without permission and over mobile data. Google should respect the will of it's customers.
Tuukka Hastrup
Tuukka Hastrup
For reference, here's a screenshot of what it looks like when this happens: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/84jm4w/installing_play_support_libraries/
What a copy pasted answer! Is this a Microsoft help site?
"installed without permission"
That is the issue! How dare Google force install this when we have disabled updates! You don't own my phone. I'm done with these companies asserting there control on a whim.
Who in google was responsible for this decision? This is the second time this has happened. I demand answers!!!
wicked me
wicked me
I have not found a way to stop.it permanently. However this works to stop it for a while.
If it starts.. Turn your data off.
Go to settings/apps/ then on top right touch 3 dots and turn on show system
Go to download manager and disable it. After a while you can go back and enable. It or just try to open the play store and it will ask you if you want to enable it.
This update was using my data this morning.
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