Google Play Music Artist Hub Asset Download

Your Artist Hub content and associated metadata, and your reports, will be deleted from the Artist Hub on August 31, 2019. Follow the instructions below to download any music, images, and bio that you want before then. Download reports in the same way you have previously.

To download your music:

  1. From the Artist Hub, go to the Manage Music section.
  2. Next, click Edit Album for the desired album.
  3. Once done, click Download for the desired track, which will open a player.
  4. In the player, click the 3-dot menu.
  5. Lastly, click Download.

To get a copy of your artist image and bio:

  1. On the Artist & Music page, click Edit Artist Info.
  2. Next, click 1. Artist Image.
  3. Right-click the version(s) of the image you want, click Save Image As, and follow the prompts to save the image.
  4. Next, click 2. Artist Bio.
  5. Copy the content in the Artist Bio text box and paste into your document of choice.
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