I still haven’t received my test deposit

Test deposits are used for Google Play artist hub users to ensure that our payments mechanism is truly connected to your bank account. We want to be sure that you will get your payments. We attempt to deposit an amount under US$1 into the US bank account which you have specified. We do not debit this amount later - it is yours to keep. Verifying your bank account takes a little patience (2-3 days) but we think you will appreciate the certainty that we have connected to your account.

Can I sell my music before the account is verified? Yes!

But you will not receive any payments until you complete the verification and complete your IRS tax information. Payment balances will accrue meantime.

Fixing mistakes in the account number and routing number

Should you make a mistake in entering your bank account information, you may add a new bank account at any time. The downside is that you re-trigger the test deposit verification - typically 2-3 business days wait time. Please pay particular attention to specifying accurate routing and account numbers when you add your account. You cannot edit the numbers once you submit for verification. For your security, neither you nor Google support has any access to the numbers to edit them later.

Understanding the verification statuses

When you save a new account in the Payments tab of the Artist hub, you will see one of two statuses:

  1. "We're in the process of making a test deposit into your account. Please check back soon."
  2. Verify test deposit.

During the first status, we are preparing the test deposit and have not yet transmitted it to your bank. Refreshing the page or coming back to the same page later, you will see the status change to Verify test deposit. Google support cannot provide you with the test deposit amount because this would defeat the purpose of ensuring that you get paid.

Finding the deposit in your account:

Google transmits the sub-$1 amount to your bank account using the name GOOGLE DEPOSIT. Your bank may add some text. For example, you may see this deposit posted as: ACH Deposit GOOGLE DEPOSIT. Expect to wait between 2-3 business days for the deposit to arrive in your account. This is the time it takes for the banking ACH system to place the money into your account.

The fastest way to learn the test deposit amount from your bank is to use online banking or to contact your bank directly via a branch, atm or phone.

How do I differentiate multiple test deposits if I claimed more than one Google Play store page?

You have three chances to enter the right test deposit amount. While the deposits into your bank account will all be denoted GOOGLE DEPOSIT, you can try each deposit amount until you find the right one.

What if I try to verify the amount three times and the account becomes locked?

Please contact us. We will reset the number of verification attempts to three.