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Content rating guidelines

Artists and managers are responsible for ensuring their content complies with the Google Play Content Policies. In addition, artists (or their authorized representatives) must label their tracks as "Explicit" using the guidelines below. Content that contains an edited or “bleeped” version of explicit content should be marked as “edited.” Certain content in our store has been marked by a record label that is required to use the RIAA Parental Advisory Label ratings system; we permit those content owners to rate under the RIAA system as required so long as they still comply with our Content Policies overall.

Please note that marking content as explicit does not make it exempt from compliance with our Content Policies; instead, explicit content is content that is on the outer edge of acceptability under our Content Policies and can therefore remain available -- but should be conspicuously marked in order to give other users a signal of the type of content they might be accessing. Content that must be marked as explicit includes, but is not limited to:

Lyrics that contain or album art that depicts using, buying, selling, and finding drugs in a graphic and detailed way must be marked explicit. Nuances, subtle references, general statements, and education against drugs are exempt. For instance, "Let's get high" is not graphic or detailed enough to be marked explicit.

Inflammatory Lyrics
Lyrics that contain racial epithets or slurs must be marked explicit. If the majority of a song's lyrics constitute hate speech, it will be removed. Please see the Content Policies for more details.

Lyrics or album art that contain any use of profanity must be marked explicit. Profanity is defined as offensive curse words.

Sexual References/Depictions
Lyrics that describe sexual acts in a detailed way must be marked explicit. Nuances, subtle references, and general statements are exempt. For example, "making love" is not detailed enough to be marked explicit. Album art that depicts graphic sex acts will be removed (please see the content policy for more details); other sexual content that complies with our Content Policies must be marked explicit.

Lyrics or album art that encourage or depict graphic and detailed violence against people or animals must be marked explicit.