Payment schedule

Google automatically initiates payments to your bank account toward the end of each month; exceptions to this are weekends or bank holidays. You will see statements uploaded to your Google Play artist hub Payments tab on the second of every month; exceptions to this upload are weekends or bank holidays. Payments will include orders charged up to two days prior to the day of payment, less any refunds issued from the previous day.

The monthly statements downloadable from the reporting tab of the artist portal contain all fully charged orders or debits from the calendar month. Your payment disbursement may not match this statement exactly because of transactions that may be incomplete at the time the disbursements are calculated. Incomplete transactions will be accounted for in the next disbursement.

Google Payments will send your payout to your bank account; however, your bank may take an additional three business days to register the payout in your bank account. Please contact your bank representative for the specifics of your bank's turnaround time for electronically deposited funds.

Subscription earnings will be deposited to your account on a monthly basis. If you have earnings for streams that happened in "Month 1", they will be deposited to your account in "Month 2", and will be included in your monthly disbursement in "Month 3".

Please note that there is a low payments threshold of $1USD (amount will be in localized currency) in order to be issued a monthly payment.