Legal and Policy Center


Google recognizes the importance of trademarks. The Google Play Artist Hub Terms of Service prohibit infringement of intellectual property by artist hub users.

Artist hub users are responsible for the content they provide through the Google Play store, and we encourage trademark owners to contact artist hub users directly regarding any trademark disputes. Additionally, as a courtesy to trademark owners, we will investigate the use of your trademark in Google Play by artist hub users upon receipt of a valid trademark complaint. To expedite processing of complaints, Google will require information from the complainant regarding the mark, the jurisdictions, and the goods and services for which the complainant claims trademark rights.

If your store page has already been legitimately claimed by another artist, you and the other artist will need to work towards a mutually-agreeable compromise. Google is not in a position to mediate store page disputes. If you feel that your Google Play store page has been wrongfully claimed and would like to file a store page dispute, please use this form.