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Artist introduction

All artist introductions must be original and you must own or control copyright to the text that you upload for use on your store page. Artist introductions must be relevant to the Google Play store page being described, and must actually describe the artist in question in some way.

An artist introduction should give customers an idea of the artist's history and sound. Please do not copy and paste press releases for your latest album -- even if there are biographical details in there, it will become dated quickly, and will read more like an advertisement than a biography.

An artist introductions should focus on the artist's musical careers, and not personal lives. For an artist with a shorter career, it’s recommended to highlight key albums and tracks. For an artist with longer careers, think in terms of eras, both within their own career or their place in greater music conversation.

Please don’t:

  • Curse.
  • Engage in hate speech.
  • See this as a platform for your political views.
  • Focus exclusively on your new release.
  • Copy and paste your press release.
  • Be overly cheeky.
  • Be hyberbolic. Users will take you more seriously if you seem even-handed.